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TalkBin, the Next Big Headache for Restaurant Owners

Posted by admin on October 21, 2011  /   Posted in Blog

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One of Google’s newest features to their local search effort is the introduction of TalkBin. TalkBin will allow customers of small businesses (with Restaurant owners in mind) to complain, advise, and rant in real time to a variety of management levels.

This means if your Steak comes out a bit under cooked after you specifically requested that you like it well done, you can go straight to the management and complain!

The concept seems like a great idea and could create a valuable pipeline to the upper level management, but at the same time we see a potential game changer in the restaurant business.  If TalkBin takes off as planned and Google Places continues to grow in popularity, Restaurants across the country may need to hire a “Lifeguard” type position that is constantly working the social media / phone lines (SMS).

A restaurant’s reputation is considered priceless in the industry.  With more Americans equipping themselves with smart phones everyday, restaurant owners need to be weary of the review boom and get prepared![/box]

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