Online Asset Management

In today’s modern world, people use the internet to find nearly everything. Whether it’s finding an apartment or hiring a lawyer, Google is usually the first place people look for the goods and services they need. For this reason, making sure that your business has a well-organized online strategy to take advantage of people’s dependence on the internet is crucial. While the concept of online marketing in the form of SEO, Google Places or Social Media is not a new one, the game has changed. What used to be an industry of tricks and gimmicks to try and persuade the search engines to increase your rankings has evolved into a more quality-driven strategy.

Now more than ever, it is vital to not only create a conversion oriented plan for each online asset your business might have, but to make sure each of your online assets compliment one another in reaching your overall goal. Based on the recent algorithm updates in 2013, our team at 51 Blocks is taking a step forward to change the name of the game. While the overall goal of increasing our client’s online exposure to help grow their business remains the same, our approach has changed. With a focus on quality and longevity, our mission is to increase the overall health and efficiency of your online assets.

We are coining the term ‘Online Asset Management.’

Online Asset Management Includes:


  • Local
  • - SEO
  • - Social
  • - Content Marketing/Link Building
  • - Paid Search
  • - Business Photography


  • Website Management
  • - Content Creation
  • - On-Site Optimization
  • - Mobile Website


  • Email Marketing
  • - Follow up
  • - Lead Management


  • Email Marketing
  • - Follow up
  • - Lead Management

Why We’re Different

  • We offer a FREE SEO CONSULTATION to help you better understand all the positives, negatives and opportunities available with your current online assets. We believe in proving our worth and knowledge to you before our relationship even begins.
  • We are in the business of building mutually beneficial relationships. Our aim is to be your partner in the online space rather than your contractor. In managing your online assets we want to make sure our visions are aligned with your company growth and do our part to help you achieve it.
  • We understand the importance of niche marketing. So many people feel overwhelmed by the vast competition of their industry in the online space, which prevents them from being able to develop a strategy to enter and dominate. At 51 Blocks we know that even if you are selling flowers in New York City, we are experts at helping to determine a niche, whether is related to a location or your products.


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