Running a PPC campaign through Google Adwords or another search engine can be rather easy to get started. After all, Google didn’t generate 57.86 billion in 2013 revenue doing nothing.  They did it selling advertising on the world’s most searched domain. The real question is how do you make this particular form of customer acquisition work in your businesses’ favor (and not Google’s)?

Fact: Google isn’t much help. In fact they’re in the business of getting you to bid on the widest and most expensive keywords in your marketing niche, whether that’s the best strategy for your website or not!

Stop Wasting Money on Pay-Per-Click Advertising

There’s no question the number one waste of money we see from our prospective clients comes from mismanaging their PPC accounts. If you’re running a PPC campaign on your own, right now you may be:

  • Targeting poorly converting keywords
  • Misallocating funds in your campaigns
  • Incorrectly positioning ads
  • Suffering unnecessary cost overruns
  • Failing to have your ads live at crucial times
  • Underutilizing demographic tools
  • Forgetting to A/B test ad copy
  • any of 100 other mistakes made by PPC novices.

These types of mistakes are easy to make, especially if you followed Google’s suggestions for your ad campaign. Undoing these, or any of the other issues you may be experiencing, is like weeding a garden. Each issue that’s identified and corrected (or weed you pull), allows the entire campaign to perform a bit better.  Complete half of your tasks and the campaign will begin thriving. Cut out all the largess and you’ll be wondering why you took so long to take care of this as your campaign hums at optimum efficiency.

Building the Best Campaign for Your Website’s Needs

The best aspect of PPC advertising is that your website can “buy” first page presence for any keyword in the universe.  In fact, the worst thing about PPC advertising is also that you can “buy” first page placement for any competitive search you desire. If you want to be the number one paid ad result for “Coca Cola” searches, there’s a price you can pay to make that happen. The true concern with any PPC campaign management is how to balance the good and bad of “buying traffic” so that you’re hitting your conversion goals for the least spend possible.

Websites that are new and trying to carve their way into prominence on Google are often best served with a robust PPC campaign to build website activity, increase brand recognition and to track visitor engagement with the new site.

Maybe you’re 90% happy with your Organic Rankings, but can’t penetrate a traffic-driving position for a few keywords in a competitive market. Not to worry – with a properly executed PPC campaign, you can balance your Search Engine Marketing attack to attract clients to each and every service your business provides.

Start Spending Smartly With 51 Blocks PPC Management

The team of PPC experts at 51 blocks have years of experience in pay-per-click campaign marketing. We can help you organize your online advertising campaign to ensure your maximizing the results for your allocated budget. The beauty of PPC tracking is that you can see how each and every dollar you’re spending is working (or not) and make adjustments accordingly – in real time!

Pay-Per-Click Services

  • Campaign Creation
  • Current Campaign Audit
  • Ad Copy Writing
  • Keyword Research
  • Negative Keyword Implementation
  • Competitive Market Research
  • Landing Page Creation & Optimization


  • Bid Management
  • A/B Testing
  • Extension Integration
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Geo-Targeted Ad Groups
  • Quality Score Analysis
  • Monthly Reporting

The PPC techniques we use are scalable for any needs and effective for every level of online competition.  Form small businesses to enterprise clients, the tactics we utilize are entirely transparent and based on a simple directive: 

Is your campaign generating traffic and converting to your expectations, and is it doing so for the least spend possible?

Why Use 51 Blocks for Pay-Per-Click

We ensure the highest level of success through a variety of strategies that are commonly misapplied within the industry including:

  • Filtering out irrelevant clicks though negative keywords
    • Optimizes your budget and cultivates relevant traffic
  • Paying particular attention to conversion rates and cost-per-conversion
    • Creates ROI visibility and maximizes it
  • Habitually refining your Ad group topics and their associated keywords
    • Increases ad relevance, clicks, quality scores and conversions
  • Strong relation between search terms and ad text
    • i.e.:  {Keyword: Example} attributes displays inquirer’s search term in Title Copy
  • Relentless account management and optimization
    • Allows for realization of market changes in real time and decreases campaign reaction times
  • Capitalizing on niche markets with long-tail keyword research
    • Decreases cost-per-conversion while increasing conversion rates
  • Continuous focus on obtaining great quality scores
    • Decreases cost-per-click and increases positioning
  • A/B Testing Against Conversions, Ad Copy, Spend, Positioning, Clicks and much more
    • Proves or disproves theories aimed at optimizing ROI
  • Landing page inspection and associated CPC campaign optimization
    • Increases quality scores and conversions
  • Demographic and competitive research
    • Improves effectiveness of  ad text for audience increasing ROI
  • Research market timetable trends
    • Optimizes your budget for the most impactful time intervals
  • Use of a variety of ad extensions
    • Provides you with direct tangible conversions and increased interactions
  • Manual bidding when appropriate
    • Ensures the best cost-per-conversion

How Much Does Pay-Per-Click Management Cost?

PPC management has structured pricing depending on the scope of your campaign goals. Services will always provide the best ROI for your budget no matter much or how little you’re spending. Ask yourself, how much money do you think PPC campaign mistakes are costing you right now?

The only way to know exactly what you’re situation calls for is to have one of our experts provide a free analysis of your campaign.  Call or email for more details, we love what we do and we’re always ready to help!