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Why start a blog?

Posted by admin on April 10, 2014  /   Posted in Blog

Blogs first started out as a place to write your feelings. As millennial grew up, there were websites that hosted blogs for everyone to join and post. Today, blog are being created for many things, especially for search engine optimization purpose. The new reason for blogs and the original purpose can be combined together to [...]

Why is JavaScript such an issue for SEO?

Posted by admin on April 08, 2014  /   Posted in Blog

Why is JavaScript such an issue for SEO?   It is inevitable for the Information Age and its overwhelming amount of Internet content to become a way of our everyday lives.  The things we wish to know, understand, research or clarify are only a few keystrokes away.  Because the world of technology is always changing [...]

What qualifies as unique content?

Posted by admin on April 03, 2014  /   Posted in Blog

Content is king when it comes to online marketing. Nothing can be promoted, sold, or discovered if not for the use of content to write about the product. Content is especially important during online marketing. Most SEO experts are aware that unique content is actually what is most desired, rather than content in and of [...]

Tips for KeyWord Ranking

Posted by admin on April 01, 2014  /   Posted in Blog

Keyword ranking has a large impact on the traffic that your site will receive. More than half of all web surfers click on a front page search result and that is why keywords are important. Web site owners question how their keywords rank among competitor sites. It is important to access keyword ranking tools. There  [...]

March Monthly Recap

Posted by admin on March 31, 2014  /   Posted in Blog, Local Search, SEO

SEO There hasn’t been any dramatic updates from search engines this month. However, we are continually seeing reference to past updates and new ways that search engines, particularly Google, are implementing structure to help support their standpoints on risky SEO practices. Yes, we’re referring to the ever popular topics of links in reference to guest [...]

Is Website Content More About Quality Or Quantity?

Posted by admin on March 27, 2014  /   Posted in Blog

The content of a website has to be relevant and valuable to the reader in order for the site to become successful. If for no other reason than Google’s strict guidelines, the quality of a website’s content is much more important than the quantity. When Google ranks websites in its database one of the things [...]

Is My Website Too Big?

Posted by admin on March 25, 2014  /   Posted in Blog

Does size really matter?  Consensus says it does.  Consumers want what they want when they want it.  They do not want to spend endless amounts of time searching for what they are looking for and studies show that websites that are too voluminous and filled with unimportant content, slowly loose traffic.  With the hustle and [...]

How to Measure Website Success

Posted by admin on March 20, 2014  /   Posted in Blog

Each and every website on the World Wide Web is completely different from one another.  Something that may work great for one website may not work so well for your site.  The first thing you will need to do in order to determine what success means to you and then work the success of your [...]

Website Health and Our Office Health

Posted by admin on March 13, 2014  /   Posted in Blog

At 51 Blocks we are all about improving the overall health and well-being of all the websites that we work on at the best interests of our clients. We work hard every day to learn more about what makes a website healthy, and then work towards this goal with our clients. Here are some aspects [...]

Why Facebook “Likes” Matter in SEM

Posted by admin on March 06, 2014  /   Posted in Blog

Facebook is not just a place to talk with friends and catch up with the latest gossip. Now, Facebook is an integral part of SEM. In fact, entire social marketing campaigns are often run on the site. With over a billion users, it only makes sense to start leveraging the power of social media within [...]

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