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Local Search MarketingWhen was the last time you opened the Yellow Pages to look for a business in your city? Most people can’t even remember and the reason is simple. Almost everyone today uses Google to find local businesses – particularly since Google created Google Places/Google+ Local.

Google understands that 70% of searches today are users looking for local businesses. In response to this trend, Google now dedicates prime first page territory for the Google Maps Search Pack in the natural search results!

Local Search Marketing is different than normal SEO and needs to be approached with unique strategies to be most effective for your business. It may seem easy to claim your listing – in fact Google has taken steps to encourage all types of businesses to join the local results. The real challenge is to get your local listing to the top of the rankings where new clients are most likely to find your website. One little mistake in your business registration or listing result can set you back months of ranking opportunity.

We Can Get Your Website Ranked

51 Blocks has overcome various issues and challenges across a multitude of industries to help get over 300 clients get ranked on Google’s local results. We currently have a 98% success rate of getting clients ranked on the first page of Google Places/Google + Local results for 1 of their top 5 keywords in less than 60 days and a 92% success rate in 30 days.

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Let our experience work for you to generate qualified leads for your business.

51 Blocks Local Search Marketing Services


  • Proper Listing Verification
  • Long-term, Fully Optimized Listing
  • Premium Optimized Videos & Images
  • 10 Geo Tag Photos
  • Creation of Listing Logo

On Site

  • Title Tag Optimization
  • Contact Page Presentation
  • Geo-Meta Tag Review
  • KML File Creation & Placement
  • hCard Format Optimization


  • Daily Keyword Tracking for Local Keywords
  • Happy Clients

    As I’ve worked with and now have gotten to know Michael over the past several months, with confidence I can say that he is a man of strong character, faith, courage, and foresight. Michael’s values are built on a strong foundation and he is continually striving to grow as a person and a leader in everything he does-this is so impressive. I am excited to continue my work with Michael, and excited for anyone who would consider Michael in a leadership position. Please feel free to contact me personally regarding my relationship with Michael Borgelt.

    Review Rating: 10 out of 10 based on 28 reviews.
    51Blocks = SEO & Local Search ranking domination for your Denver business. See what our 98% success rate is all about! Services starting at $551/mo.
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