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Easy to Understand, Proper Local Results, Lowest Cost Keyword Monitoring Tool

Do you have a website and want to track your ranking movement on know where you rank daily in the major search engines – Google and Bing? Are you part of a competitive online local market and wish you could monitor your rankings for Google Maps? Industry keyword ranking tools are under-equipped to follow your Google+ page and can be extremely confusing.

That’s exactly why was developed. You’ll love the clear tracking in a user-friendly interface that to accurately determines local listing and organic rankings where the other tools cannot.

MySEOLabs compiles provides up-to-date daily ranking information for both Google and Bing (for as many keywords as you want to track).
Our easy-to-read reports compare today’s rankings to yesterday, last week or last month. You can even track all the way back to the beginning for a real-time look at the benefits of your optimization efforts.

MySEOLabs also allows you to track as many domains as you like and add as many users to the system as you need.
Stop wondering how well you search engine marketing is going and find out where your site is ranking today. was developed because other tools in the industry were not tracking local rankings/Google+ Local results properly and were overall confusing. To eliminate the confusion and make the rankings for local clearer to the user was developed as a side project and became the lowest cost keyword ranking tool because of the limited overhead that it took to develop. Packages start out at $19.00 per month.


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