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MyKeywordRankings tracks ranking in real time!  The unique real-time engine implemented in MyKeywordRankings allows you to instantly obtain changes in rankings of your website without reloading of the page. Specify the URL of your website, add keywords and select search engines you promote your website in, and see the most actual positions of your website in real-time, totally lag-free.  Contact us today for an account! Website rank tracking in real time - MyKeywordRankings

MyKewordRankings Includes

Measure Your Internet Visibility

  • Real-time check of hundreds of keywords in multiple search engines including local search by countries and cities allows you to estimate your standings, reveal weaknesses in your promotion strategy and make necessary adjustments. And with detailed reports and automatic analysis of competition you will find the real effect of your SEO activity.

Compare Your Competitors

  • Be proactive! Remember, your competitors are not sleeping. Analyze competition for your target keywords with and find out which of your rivals are the most dangerous, for what keywords your site underperforms, and does your Internet visibility matches competitors.

Measure Google Maps Placement

  • One of the only tools to measure 100+ rankings for Google Maps. This way if you are not in the 3 or 7 pack you know how far outside the pack you are and how much you need to improve your rankings.

Main Features of

  • Competitor Analysis in SERPs – Keeping an eye on competition is a very important part of SEO. MyKeywordRankings allows you to perform competitor analysis just as easy as you check your own rankings. In particular, you need to specify websites you recognize as your competition, and the service locates and compares how well they perform. In a glance you can compare visibility of competing sites, analyze their position dynamics, see if you are ahead of the competition or have to pursue them for the given keywords. This allows you to adjust your SEO activity in the right direction.Compare Competitors
  • Monitor Positions in and – MyKeywordRankings allows you to check rank of your website in several search engines as easily as in just one. Add all search engines you would like to track with individual geo settings, and the service will reveal weaknesses in your SEO strategyMyKeywordRankings Settings
  • Limit the Search to a Particular Country or City – Today, web search positions seriously depend on geography. Not only local country results completely differ from each other, but city results too. Why checking global standings, when you want to dominate the local market? MyKeywordRanking checks both! With it, you can monitor global, regional and city search engine results and rest assured you didn’t miss any crucial part of the market.Local Feature - MyKeywordRankings
  • Detailed SERP Analysis by Keyword – Often it is not enough to know where you are, you also want to track and analyze the neighboring websites. Not only does MyKeywordRankings provide the current snapshot of search engine positions for each keyword, it also shows how SERPs were changing over time. Precious information if you want to keep an eye on what is going on. Indeed, in knowing what sites surround you in SERPs you can focus your SEO efforts more precisely.Keyword_Level

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