20 Days Onboarding
Day 01

Welcome to 51Blocks!

Who is my person?

Your Client Success Manager will be the point of contact for this campaign. They will be your concierge for your Account Manager, who will be on the backend working on strategy and execution. They will send an intro email out soon to introduce themself!

When will I begin seeing progress?

Day 1 on our timeline is marked by the day you complete our 3-step onboarding process. You should begin seeing Monday notifications soon after that (usually within the first 7 days) with links to approve your initial research deliverables. These are important for our team to proceed so please review anything that requires your attention. Expectations & timelines can be found in our Partner Center as well for each service along with our product pages.

Where are my resources?

We provide you with an entire guide on everything from selling to our process within the 51Blocks Partner Center. Use code Access51B to grab everything you need! If you’re interested in connecting with other agency owners and learning more about scaling, we encourage you to join our Facebook Group — The Digital Marketers’ Playground.

How do I manage billing?

You can easily manage all of your billing (start, stop, and get invoices) from your dashboard at 51blocks.com. All of our terms and conditions are listed at the top of the page for your convenience along with some tutorial videos.

How can I reach out to if I'm not happy?

You’re always welcome to reach out to [email protected] to share your feedback or concerns. We’re here to learn how to help you best so please never hesitate to share your thoughts on how it’s going.