20 Days Onboarding
Day 15

SOS: My Client is Panicking, What Should I Do?

#1 – Use our Client Facing support and remove yourself from the stress of these situations. Using 51Blocks as a white-label provider gives you the rare opportunity to do this. It’s difficult to manage a client regarding a campaign that you are not fulfilling yourself. Our white-label client retention rate is much higher when we are client-facing. We can speak more intricately about our strategies and go more in-depth on tasks and overall performance.

#2 – Shoot us an email! These emails get elevated to our leadership team who jump on these types of situations as quickly as possible to get you what you need. Let us know what the issue is, and how we can help, and our team will gather all of the information needed as a priority. If this continues to happen, please consider our Client Facing support for your own peace of mind and to get the most out of white labeling.