20 Days Onboarding
Day 02

How To Onboard Like a Pro

Checkout & Onboarding

The start of every campaign is in your hands as we provide self-checkout on our website. Onboarding a new or existing client is paramount in setting the right impression. As we all know, first impressions mean everything when setting the tone for trust and rapport. The onboarding process should be smooth and effective. Your team is going to need to know some basic details. In addition to the finer details for the kickoff. 

Below are examples of what those requirements might be. 

  • Google access for our team
  • Access to an email for communication with the client
  • Access to any 3rd-party tracking/sales tools
  • Provide branding materials, logos and any other assets needed to represent your business
  • Access to previous marketing reports
  • Website access for our team

Curious to see the process in motion? Lucky for you we did an entire presentation on it! Included in these slides you’ll also find example questions and the previous of our own Virtual Onboarding!