2018 Changes to Google My Business

Google is always testing new features for various products of theirs, and since the middle of 2017, they’ve been rolling out some new additions to Google My Business. As we push through the beginning of 2018, we’re seeing some of these features get a concrete place in GMB’s future. Here's a rundown on what's new in local search optimization.


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Video Uploads

Back in 2008, before Google’s local searches were even close to the stages of GMB, there were video uploads, and they were quickly removed. Flash forward a decade later, pay attention to how much watchable media we consume on a daily basis, and it makes GMB videos a viable option. Some users have seen these features already integrated as of January 4th of this year, but Google is still tinkering with the logistics and integration.


Integration With Google Home

Google Assistant helps you make decisions, and they can’t very well do that without local search optimization. Asking Google Assistant about local restaurants, shops, and weekend events is the equivalent of performing a Google search, except you’re being told the results rather than seeing a slew of them yourself. This ups competition for local search optimization, but also provides a unique opportunity for local business owners.


Updated Restaurant Menu Listings

Google has toyed around in the past with various methods for local restaurants to display their menus online, but now we’re seeing it as a feature; not just an idea. These will give small businesses an edge over corporate chains, where people already know the menu and what they like. It’s easy to pick the drive-thru when you don’t know what a restaurant offers; this will be huge for local search optimization, such as typing in, “Good chicken parm in Denver.” You’ll get results based on menus, not just Yelp reviews.


GMB Messaging

We’re using online chatbots and text messaging to connect to major brands on a daily basis. Facebook has particularly taken to this trend, and GMB has elevated the concept. You can have businesses directly message your phone to answer questions, provide insight, and discuss their practices and products. It’s the most direct contact you can have with consumers.

GMB isn’t slowing down anytime soon, and neither are we. We’re here to answer any question you may have about GMB’s 2018 updates, and how they may affect your business. Use the chat feature or send us an email addressing your concerns - what have you got to lose? Contact the team at 51Blocks today!

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