How to Find a Duplicate Google+ Listing

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Hello, again. My name is Jesse McFarland. I'm a local search specialist at
51 Blocks. For more information you can find us here at In
this video we'll go over what's a duplicate listing specifically on Google.

A duplicate listing is when a specific business location has more than one
listing. Remember, you can find your Google listing using Google Maps. Once
you get to the impression, always double click, and there's your duplicate.

How to find a duplicate listing? The easiest way is to do a search on Maps
for your business and phone number. The reason is Google prefers that every
business has only one unique phone number.

All right. So what causes a duplicate listing? If you moved your business
to a different location. You can see here that this business was originally
in Central Point, and then they moved to Medford. Now they have two
listings with the same phone number.

Also, if you created multiple listings. A lot of times dentists, doctor's
offices, law firms, and therapists create multiple listings for each one of
their employees or representatives. When using the same phone number, this
would all be considered duplicates.

A duplicate listing can also occur with multiple phone numbers for one
business location. You can see these two listings have two different phone
numbers, with the same business name and the same address. This is usually
created by a user. Sometimes Google will automatically create a listing
when you have multiple phone numbers on the landing page. You can see this
listing here has two phone numbers in the header here, for towing and then
it looks like just their business number. This created two multiple

What's wrong with having a duplicate listing? Simple. For one, it affects
your rankings. It makes you harder to find on Google. Also, it is
considered a violation in Google's quality guidelines. This could
potentially cause your account to go under review, or worse suspension.
Once it's suspended, it's very difficult to get it back up again.

All right. Well, if you have any questions on Google listings, please
comment on our YouTube channel, or you can contact us on our website at

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