3 SEO Stats Every White Label Partner Should Keep in Mind

Effective Search Engine Optimization, (SEO) no matter how large or small the brand, is important to have in order to grow your business. Brands who work with White Label Partners essentially work with a third- party company who are well versed within the digital marketing space.

White Label Partners have extensive knowledge in implementing the most effective SEO practices in order to increase SEO rankings. SEO ranking is the placement that a client’s website will show up on search engines across the web; the most popular of those being Google. A white label partner should conduct keyword research in order to include them in items such as tags, meta  tags, headings, etc.

There are three more important areas to consider when optimizing a website.


Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are the systematic process of increasing the number of visitors to each site who take actions on your client’s website – sign up for newsletters, fill out any forms, etc. Conversion rates are important for digital marketing because it allows clients to increase revenue per visitor, obtain more customer base and ultimately grow a client’s brand.


Website Traffic

Website Traffic is the number of visitors that visit your website. The analytics that any white label partner can easily run for this can give a wide range of results. These include stats such as what time of day each visitor is coming to your site, where they originally found your site, how long they stay to browse the website, which areas of the website they spent the most time on, etc. If the website traffic numbers are low, white label partners can make the appropriate changes to try to increase these results. Tactics such as putting together a social media ad campaign that is designed to send visitors to the client website is an effective method to attempt to increase website traffic. If client website traffic is increased, the higher chance they will have to increase brand awareness and have overall success.


Time Spent on Websites

Another important factor to consider is the time that is spent on client websites. Avoiding any quick drop-offs (a visitor leaving a website) will help each client obtain higher SEO rankings and a greater chance to build their brand.


What Can Cause Drop-off’s?

There are several reasons visitors would be apt to leave your website. The number one reason would be the actual page will not load for them. White label partner companies will make sure that their client's page has adequate speed as far as their page load time is concerned. Faster page loads can result from: condensing files, clearing the cache, only using high-resolution photographs, just to name a few.

Another reason a potential client may drop-off a website is if the content doesn’t correlate with the actual brand or is difficult to locate. If visitors to the site find themselves spending too much time digging for information, they will be more likely to find another site. White label partners will make sure to have clear, concise and interesting content within the website and the social media sites. A third reason visitors could drop-off a website is if they feel that the site isn’t SSL compliant. Visitors searching the web need to make sure their computers are safe when they visit sites. If they don’t see the green lock pad that indicates a website is safe for them to browse, this could cause them to leave entirely.

White label partners understand the digital space and have practiced effective measures in order to build an SEO compliant website. They know that in order to increase conversions, website traffic and minimize drop-off rates of their site, the brand needs to offer a safe, working website that offers quality content such as videos, high-resolution photos, informative material such as blog posts. They know the website needs to have the correct keywords within the site, effective tags, meta tags, and eye-catching headings. They will work with clients to make sure they understand the brand voice in order to offer content that correctly aligns with the brand message. White label partners will keep up with the website analytics through running monthly reporting. They will be able to provide feedback to clients and make the necessary changes within the site. If a video on the website is receiving a lot of traffic, the white label partner might suggest cross-promoting by posting the video onto their social media pages. If they are seeing a higher spike in traffic at a certain time of the day, a white label partner would suggest posting their new blogs each day around that same time. Little changes to websites can go a long way. Building your brand awareness should be left in the hands of the experts.

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