3 Ways Google Analytics is Flawed

Google Analytics remains among the top trusted and most used traffic tracking and analysis tools. While this tool is extremely useful for getting down to the nitty griity with stats, better knowledge of its flaws and quirks can help you use and understand it better.

Visitor Sessions

Not many people know that sessions automatically timeout after 30 minutes of inactivity. Well that’s great but what does that mean? If a user lands on a page and for whatever reason goes idle then comes back, not only will you end up with self referrals but your bounce rate could also increase if the individual comes back just to close the window. If your users could potentially stay on your site for a while with no activity you may want to change your visitor sessions timeout settings.

Time on Site

Your time on site is incredibly low and you are struggling to find a way to keep users on your site. Before you get frantic consider this: Analytics measures time on site is the time between the user’s site entry and the moment the last page of his visit is loaded. This means someone could go to your site and spend 7 minutes reading the article and if I didn’t visit another page Google would give my visit a big fat 0:00. Follow this link to fix this Analytics’ flaw.

Bad Referrals

Good news your traffic is up 50% year-over-year.Was it all good traffic though? A quick trip to the referrals section will tell you if bots are sending you junk referral traffic. You will want to read our blog on blocking referral traffic to help you solve this problem.

Unique Visitors

Let’s say someone finds your site on their desktop then again via their mobile device. Google’s “New Users” section will identify this as two different users. Also, different users landing on your site with the same device will be treated as one unique visitor. Maybe this isn’t a problem that we want Google to fix but is important to think about as you look at your Google Analytics dashboard.

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