5 Mistakes You’re Making Being a Gatekeeper for Your Clients

Are you a gatekeeper for your clients? Are you managing your clients’ accounts and trying to run your company? Even though you may feel like you are doing the right thing for your clients and your company, gatekeepers only inhibit their business’s growth.

Through our White Label Partnership, 51Blocks has worked with companies around the country for over 27 years to manage their digital marketing businesses. Every day we see that businesses make mistakes by gatekeeping their clients. Though trying to protect their clients, they ultimately hurt themselves, produce less innovative work, and slow their overall growth.

To help you understand how gatekeeping can ultimately be a problem, we have identified 5 common mistakes that gatekeepers make. 

1. You aren’t focusing on the Big Picture

Where do you see your company in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years? What kinds of projects do you anticipate taking on? How will you achieve your goals? How will you increase your company’s revenue?

If you’re a gatekeeper, you may be able to provide answers to these questions, but you probably won’t be able to detail a clear path to success. If you do not have a plan for making your goals happen, you could be too focused on the day-to-day operations of your company. A good company leader always has a vision and a plan, and gatekeepers don’t have the time to dedicate to that.

Here at 51Blocks, we see many companies that are so engrossed in SEO marketing tasks that they can’t see the way forward for the growth of their company. Our White Label Partnership service allows companies to hand over the time-consuming, day-to-day tasks so that you can focus on being a leader. 

2. You aren’t efficient.

If you’re a gatekeeper, you are essentially managing two distinct, but important, full-time roles: you’re both running the day-to-day operations of your company and growing the client base. This stretches and limits your time, and even if you want your company to see more revenue, you can’t fully dedicate yourself to one side of the business or the other. In order to stimulate the growth of your company, you need to dedicate your time to increasing your clients and finding client leads.

Here at 51Blocks, we can take over the SEO marketing tasks, including reports, client communication, and strategic innovation, to free up your time to focus on growing the client base and managing your company. As a result, we will efficiently handle the day-to-day, and you will be able to effectively grow your company. To track our success, you’ll receive regular reports that measure your clients’ projects, and you’ll have a dedicated account manager to answer all of your questions.

3. You spend most of your time developing your knowledge of software 

Software changes frequently, which means that you constantly have to learn new skills and keep abreast of current digital marketing practices. For instance, in 2011 Google completely revamped their algorithms, altering the way content marketing works. In another example, Twitter decided to start curating users’ feeds in 2016, which impacted SEO marketing. As if you hadn’t had enough things to learn, new and varied social media automation software pop up all the time to help streamline marketing posts and analytics.

With software constantly evolving and the increasing availability of new marketing tools, learning about and understanding software becomes a full-time job. Moreover, maintaining subscriptions to automation software can easily become pricey. As a result, you are spending precious money and time focusing on knowledge

Time is valuable, and 51Blocks knows this. Our experts are always up-to-date on the latest software and trends. We know exactly what tools are needed to efficiently achieve your clients’ goals, and we are constantly finding innovative ways to solve SEO marketing problems. We have the tools and subscriptions to new automation services that are needed to implement plans and keep track of analytics. Most importantly, our experts are always available to answer your questions about our services.

4. You don’t have the time for your clients 

Between learning about new software and growing your company, gatekeepers don’t have the time to respond to emails or deal with every client inquiry. Client satisfaction is the most important factor in your company’s success, so it is important that you and your company are available to your clients. Gatekeeping can inhibit your growth and revenue by taking you away from your clients.

Through 51Blocks’s White Label Partnership, we can communicate directly with your clients through phone and email. We can even send emails through your domain name and appear as if we are employees at your company. Moreover, we respond to emails within one business day. This means that you and your clients both benefit from our expertise, and your credibility and client satisfaction only increase. 

Moreover, you can spend more time communicating meaningfully with prospective clients. We provide branded templates and web content that can help you tell your clients about our services, and all you have to do is sell clients your digital marketing services. You can focus on establishing new client relationships.

5. You don’t measure your clients’ success 

Yes, we get it; you know that you have to provide a measure of success to your clients. We understand that you probably keep track of analytics like traffic and rankings. These things are important, but they’re only a small part of client success. Do you know how this data results in increased revenue for your client? Probably not.

At the end of the day, money and revenue are the most important factors of any marketing campaign for your client. For clients, effectiveness and success always are measured in revenue. In order to really grab your clients’ attention, you need to translate SEO results into cash.

51Blocks’s White Label Partnership can provide reports that not only tell you how many leads an SEO campaign has generated but also the customers’ lifetime values as well as the return on ad spending. We have developed unique methods to analyze this data in a meaningful way for your client, which means your client gets a valuable analysis that can truly help them understand their campaign’s success as it relates to their business. 

Hire 51Blocks for your White Label needs 

At 51Blocks, we always see companies that are unintentionally inhibiting their own growth by gatekeeping their clients. Gatekeeping may seem like a way to maintain close client-company relationships, but, in fact, it prevents you from dedicating your time to your own company. 

We have the skills, tools, and expertise to help you overcome these gatekeeping mistakes. We know from years of experience and research that we can effectively run your business while you focus on more important things.

You should manage your company — not let your company manage you. We know what it takes to successfully run a company, so let us focus on the small tasks. With your clients’ needs and expectations met, you can focus on the bigger picture, like client growth and long-term vision. Together, we can achieve your goals. Avoid these common mistakes, and use 51Blocks White Label Services to help you today.

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