5 Veterinary SEO Techniques You Can Use Today to Bring More Patients to Your Practice

Regardless of your experience in the veterinary medicine field, you would have your work cut out for you. From taking care of bodily injuries to managing vaccinations, and from handing spaying and neutering appointments to treating infections, your day starts and ends with the absolute requirements you need to fulfill at all costs.

Since neglecting any of your tasks can put an innocent life at risk, you need to make sure your head is always in the game. Failure is not an option, and there’s no variation of opinions with this approach. But even with the high-pressure job that you have to fulfill, you need to make sure you're paying attention to basic marketing practices that help you keep the lights on and let you optimally scale your operations.

Needless to say, it's not easy to find this balance between doing quality work and marketing your business. But if you want to continue helping the innocent beings for whom you chose this very profession, then you must pay just as much attention to gaining new clients as you do towards performing your daily tasks.

In today’s day and age of internet-driven marketing, this requirement easily translates to employing a well-devised veterinary search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that helps you reach out to more pet owners in your service area.

That's why more and more veterinary medicine professionals are turning towards veterinary marketing and proper SEO techniques to spread the word to pet owners about their services. To help you follow this correct vet marketing and beneficial path to gain more pet customers, here are five veterinarian SEO tips that can help bring more people and their pets to your practice.

Learn how you can improve your veterinary websites and improve your reach by following these simple tips to gain local rankings today.

Tip Number 1 and 2: Choose the Right Keywords with Proper Optimization

First things first, it's essential to understand that just like any other branch of search engine optimization, veterinary SEO also requires you to build a strong foundation over relevant keywords. Remember this practice requires a critical focus on search engines so you and your veterinary practice will find local rankings and favor in the eyes of Google.

Since your practice is localized to a particular region, you must target keywords in a way that’s super focused on your service area. Deviating from this search engine approach doesn't only waste your resources, but it also doesn’t provide you with your target results in terms of gaining new clients.

Think about it. If you provide your services in Miami, Florida, then targeting general keywords such as “veterinary services” without any optimization is going to put you against veterinarians from all over the country. Conversely, if you choose keywords such as “veterinary services Miami FL” or “veterinarians in Miami FL”, then it can help narrow down your SEO efforts to an area where you can serve patients.

Moving forward with this approach is essential if you plan to gain any benefits out of your veterinarian SEO efforts. But before you think just adding a bunch of location keywords is all you need to take your veterinary practice to the next level, then you need to give this another thought. It’s because with the evolvement of search trends, merely going by location based keyphrases doesn’t cut it anymore.

You now also need to perform additional optimization measures that help you maintain your local veterinary SEO without being too dependent on your location based keywords. The upward trends in keywords that contain “near me” mentions has gained noticeable traction over the past few years.

The increase in mobile searches and the location based features they provide against any keyword has also gotten more and more people to abandon location based keywords in favor of typing the core service into the search box itself. It all relates to serving a need on an urgent basis, which is something that’s gaining more traction day by day.

Going with the example shared above, if someone is looking for veterinary websites based in Miami, Florida, then they might not necessarily search for keywords that have “Miami, Florida” in them. They can just go by the approach of writing “veterinary services” or “veterinarian near me” and expect to show results that are close to their location.

So what do you do when you need to cater to this growing number of relevant yet difficult to reach audience? You turn towards local optimization to enhance your relevance to your location.

You can start by optimizing your website with the mention of your location throughout your body content as well as your website footer. You can also increase your practice’s relevance by implementing off-site veterinarian SEO techniques such as targeted marketing and link-building activities that are related to platforms and keywords based on your area. This aspect helps you get your fair share of traffic through your keywords even when they are not strictly location based.

Tip Number 3: Create Your Google My Business Profile

As an added and a very crucial measure to your service, make sure you create your Google My Business profile. If a profile or mention of your business is already created on the web, then ensure to claim it to gain control of that listing.

This is a highly imperative step for implementing veterinary SEO because it's your Google My Business profile that provides Google with the information required to display your data against search results. This aspect holds whether your information is displayed on the Google Knowledge Graph on the right side of the screen against a search of your practice’s name, or during your mention in Google Maps results that almost always appear with local area based searches.

The Google My Business profile should typically include your contact details such as your business address and phone number. But it should also have your available business hours as well as relevant tags or services that you offer.

All of this enhances your practices’ relevance to your target keywords and area and helps you gain more prominence in search results, especially in Google Maps. This notion provides you with higher chances of appearing at the top of a search engine results page via Google Maps results.

Remember this is so, even when you don't appear as the top 3 organic results on the page (which are non-paid, “normal” results on the search engine page). Keeping this in mind, make sure you create or optimize your Google My Business profile without any delay if you want to appear in the search results with the following format for your veterinarian SEO efforts.

Tip Number 4: Focus on Additional Off-site Efforts While Complying with Google Guidelines

To gain more prominence over your Google organic search results as well as your Google Maps results and attract more patients to your practice, you must pay just as much attention to additional off-site search engines efforts. Remember these efforts complement your on-site optimization and Google My Business profile activities.

You can do this by creating the name, address, and phone number (NAP) profiles across an array of platforms, that let Google know about your business’ relevance to the target area and keywords. When you create these NAP profiles over reputable websites and follow up the effort with other off-site activities such as link building through content marketing and social media signals through popular platforms, it establishes your business as a credible entity that’s doing all it can to improve its presence among its industry.

As a result, your business website starts climbing up the organic search results ladder and has more chances of attracting new patients to it as a result. The key here is to make sure you're creating your NAP profiles and building your links while complying with Google’s guidelines so you don't fall into penalties with the search engine and to prevent ranking drops to your website as a result.

This practice is often referred to as white hat SEO, and it’s proven to provide long term results on the search engines without putting your site at risk.

Conversely, if you fall for the dark side of black hat SEO, then you might gain overnight results, but they will be just as short-lived. As soon as Google learns you're using illicit platforms and techniques to gain prominence in search results, your website gets penalized. Its rankings drop instantly, often to never recover.

Keeping all these things in mind, make sure your site gains prominence only through white hat veterinarian SEO efforts.

Tip Number 5: Gain As Much Authentic Reviews as Possible

This component might seem more like a branding effort than advertising and other marketing techniques. But it's essential to learn that gaining more reviews over your Google My Business platform is a surefire way to improve your presence over the local search.

At the same time, it is also a super effective method of increasing your chances of attracting more patients. It's because it’s not just Google that prefers businesses with prominent reviews on their listings. Still, any potential clients with a patient also prefer practices that have a track record of actually helping pets and other animals with their services.

Overall, gaining authentic reviews from real clients whom your company has helped in the past goes a long way into letting you establish your prowess over the web. Just keep in mind that you gain your reviews through real clients by asking them to share their actual opinion about your business over your Google My Business listings. Doing this is extremely simple and only requires you to send a short URL to your clients. They can fill out the information in less than a minute, but their contribution can help your company gain the credibility it needs to attract new patients through veterinarian SEO.

Here, you just need to ensure your practice provides stellar service to all its clients and patients without failure. This notion makes sure you gain authority and your company is going to receive nothing less than 5 stars from pet people on any reviews that you obtain for your services.

At 51 Blocks, we specialize in deploying targeted veterinary SEO techniques to help your practice gain the prominence it needs to attract new patients from all over your service area. With white hat strategies that comply with all of Google’s guidelines, we at 51 Blocks can ensure to drive long term results while keeping your site out of harm’s way.

To understand how our services can help you gain the prominence you need, feel free to reach out to us at 51 Blocks today. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have and deploy our effective marketing strategies for your website right away!

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