51 Blocks’ 5 Year Anniversary: Should We Shoot Each Other with Paint?

To shoot or not to shoot? That is the question when you find yourself standing 5ft away from one of your co-worker’s backsides out on the paintball field. Your heart pounding and your survival instincts tell you to shoot, but you hesitate slightly because you realize that this is your office mate. It only lasts a moment though. Your co-worker shrieks out in pain at seemingly the same moment you pull the trigger. It was an employee in a senior position and you probably just gave them a huge, unnecessary welt; however, you just revel in the joy of the kill for a moment before that fact sinks into your consciousness.


The fact of the matter is, having the whole office go out for paintball is a great idea for a company anniversary. 51 Blocks is now 5 years old! I can’t believe it. We have done so much for so many clients in the past 5 years. Updating Meta Data for Organic Search and doing A/B Testing for PPC campaigns has just been a part of the journey. All the great relationships that 51 Blocks has built with it’s clients is nothing short of amazing.


We celebrated our anniversary by shooting each other with paint. We had a wonderful time doing it and we all have battle wounds to prove it (Some of us in the office look like they just came out of a UFC fighting tournament with the amount of bruises on their arms and legs). Despite the fun we had, we also realized that we could not have had our anniversary without our clients! So we wanted to thank all of you. This month, we are going to be doing extra SEO tasks for all of our clients! Please contact us for details.


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