51 Blocks promoted as a Google Helpouts Participant

Recently, Google has introduced a new feature for Google users who are seeking professional advice on different topics and industries. They’re calling it Google Helpouts and 51 Blocks is now a leading participant!

So what are Google Helpouts?

Quite simply, Google Helpouts are the new way that Google is connecting people to professionals over live video feed. With Helpouts you can get help on any topic or questions you may have, ranging from counselors, doctors, home repair, technicians, DIY experts, and more! And the process of connecting to professionals has been made quite simple. After filling out a profile at the Helpouts online area, Google will then contact an expert related to your topic of choice to validate that they are, actually, an expert in that field. 

How is 51 Blocks involved?

Recently, we’ve been recognized as a Google Helpouts participant for SEO and general internet marketing. That is, we are now offering our professional services and advice to any Google Users who may have questions about internet marketing practices. In short, 51 Blocks is making it an objective to reach out to Google Users who may be in need of assistance regarding anything from website hosting, SEO, PPC, Google+ Local, and much more!

51 Blocks CEO, Michael Borgelt, initiated our induction into Google Helpouts. As a company, we have now completed an evaluation with a Google expert and are now certified to offer guidance to businesses across the web interested in internet promotion.

51 Blocks has also been featured in an article published earlier this week on Search Engine Land pertaining to Google Helpouts and what we’re doing to get involved in this new feature. Essentially, we are attempting to make it easier to connect with those that may not be familiar with or have background in optimizing a website or appearing in Google Search Result Pages. So, if you have a question pertaining to our industry, we'd love to help out!

To read the article on 51 Blocks participation in Google Helpouts, visit the following link:


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