51Blocks unites for the Families of SMA

At 51 Blocks we are strong believers in the word "team" and all that it entails. We continue to provide clients with best possible service, because we have dedicated individuals willing to support our vision of a premier SEO company and, more so, because we believe that our clients are apart of the 51 Blocks family, as well. Our efforts in connecting with one another and our community are stronger than ever.

Our Mentality is still "Work Hard, Play Hard"

This past week, 51 Blocks had the pleasure of taking a day to unite, once again, as a team on the Pradera Golf Course. On Monday morning, our team of six came together and set off for a competitive tournament just south of Denver. As the defending champions of last years' golf tournament, we had a lot of pressure riding on us, but we chose to make the most of it by bonding and supporting the cause for Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

The proceeds for entering this tournament were donated to the Families of SMA, an organization that 51 Blocks felt was very important to our community. To read more on the organization, or to make a donation, please visit the following link:


So, under a cloudy sky, and some moments of brief showers, 51 Blocks was able to renew our sense of "team" and dedicate our day to those families of SMA and to the research in helping to find a cure. We each contributed in the outing, with John, Michael, Jesse, and Sonya giving their best efforts on the course, and Matt & Alex spending the day documenting.

Our team is important to us

As we continue to grow as a company, we find it extremely important to keep sight of our image of "team", so that we may extend our tight-knit mentality to our clients, as well as to our community. We definitely believe that a happy company results in happy clients.

At 51 Blocks we always try to create the most unique, and fun environment where our workers can feel right at home. Our "work-play" attitude will continue to make us stronger as a company and as friends, outside of our work.





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