Are You Using the Right Tools for Your Keyword Research?

Do you know the difference between SEO tools like Moz and SEMrush? If you are a business owner with a website in need of increasing your rank or improving your site’s performance, then read on to see which SEO tool is the right one for you.


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What is Moz?

Do you know what Moz is? Moz is an SEO tool many website owners and other customers take advantage of with their free or paid packages.

One of the best tools Moz has to offer is the Keyword Explorer. This handy tool enables people to easily figure out the best keywords to use for SEO purpose. Moz does this by containing four major metrics, which are:

  • Keyword Volume: This refers to how many times a keyword is searched each month.
  • Keyword Difficulty: This is based on the domain authority and tells you about the amount of backlinks and social shares your competitors have. It also portrays the difficulty on your ability to rank high with some of your keyword choices.
  • Keyword Opportunity: On your Google’s front page, you can see your regular search results, ads, and search results. When there are more features on your Google front page, then this also lowers your organic CTR.
  • Keyword Potential: This will give you a number based on how well they think your rank your keyword will be in the search results. A high number means a higher probability that keyword will do great. This also means high numbers have strong search volume and lower competition.


Moz’s keyword researcher is similar to SEMrush’s keyword tool because it also gives users a couple of hundred keyword ideas when you enter your seed phrase. However, unlike SEMrush, Moz is a little more creative when it comes to their filters. In this way, their filtering system can be a little more powerful than SEMrush since they are able to have more creative filters, which include:


  • Related to keywords with similar search results
  • Closely related topics
  • Broadly related topics
  • Only include keywords with all query terms
  • Mix of sources


While this can be a cool feature, it can also cause inaccuracy to occur. This type of filter has a unique algorithm that could be inaccurate and cause irrelevant information to pop up instead.

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is another SEO tool that helps websites gain more traffic. You’ve probably heard of SEMrush if you think of yourself as an SEO expert. Like Moz, SEMrush also has a keyword research tool, which is called Keyword Magic Tool. In this instance, the name fits rather perfectly. One major positive aspect of SEMrush is their databases are being continually updated, therefore, many benefit from the accurate data this gives website owners and other customers.

Why exactly is this Keyword Magic Tool so great? SEMrush’s keyword tool offers hundreds of possible keywords that people can use for SEO. However, unlike Moz, they give you the following added benefits:

  • Additional keywords that relate to your seed keywords
  • Available filters:
    • Broad match
    • Phrase match
    • Exact match
    • Number of words, statements, or questions
    • Words it begins with
    • Words it ends with
    • Keywords it does or doesn’t contain
    • Difficulty


Most other software don’t include some of these in their packages, which makes SEMrich a very popular and reasonable choice when it comes to keyword research for your website.

With SEMrush, you can even find keywords that aren’t being used so much by your competitors. This makes it easy for you to find these words for any type of niche you can think of.

Which SEO Tool is Right for You?

Who is Moz best for? Moz is only best for certain types of customers. It’s mostly great for small to medium type of businesses to see how well they’re online business or website is doing. Moz also provides ways they can improve their rankings and other site issues they might have.

You see, Moz isn’t that great for those SEO experts who know how to manipulate the collected data they’re given to increase their own ranks or other benefits data can give them. SEMrush is where these SEO experts should go to because a lot more data is given to customers than Moz can offer.

Essentially, Moz is for marketers and business owners who use it to track their SEO and for other marketing research reasons. It isn’t exactly meant to be used for big businesses and SEO experts. However, SEMrich is a great tool for SEO experts who know how to use the data collected by their competitors and use it to help their own rank.

How Moz differs from SEMrush?

You might be wondering how Moz is different from SEO tools like SEMrush. Some might even think there is no difference. They have several similar features and advantages. However, Moz is essentially used for business websites, market researchers, and other small to medium companies. These types of companies are looking for SEO tools to monitor their ranking and fix any problems their site might have.

SEO tools like SEMrush is a little different than Moz when it comes to who their target customers are. They want the same thing Moz offers and something a little extra. SEMrush customers are able to analyze their competitor’s progress with the extra data compiled by the two pieces of software. They use this data for their own business purposes such as increasing their rank, but they also know how to manipulate and read this data.

If you find a new SEO tool for your keyword research, then figure out your reasons for getting it. Moz is a great SEO tool for any business, but most small to medium businesses are the ones who would benefit the most from this tool. They only need monitoring and improvement suggestions for their site. Meanwhile, SEO experts and larger businesses would benefit from SEMrush’s features. They can get the same monitoring plus the ability to analyze and manipulate their competitor’s progress.

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