Assessing the Benefits of White Label Services

The term “white labeling” refers to, years ago, when vinyl records contained a generic “white label” because the artwork was not yet complete. Grocery stores have also used white labeling, for years, in the form of purchasing a generic brand that they then re-package to suit their brand needs, like Great Value, Western Family or Kroger. While the consumer does not know who the actual manufacturer of the product is, the “white label” product typically saves the consumer money while increasing brand awareness and creating another form of customer loyalty.

In technology, “white label services” refers to any product or service that has been outsourced to another company, then sold to a third-party consumer. Because white label products and services are not branded at the time of sale, the reseller can then brand the product to their choosing. In doing so, they typically create a stronger connection to their company.

White label services allow a company to expand their product line without having to spend money hiring additional employees or wasting valuable time creating new services or products. This way, a company can remain focused on their company’s needs and not have to distract themselves with what could be the overwhelming task of creating a whole new product.

For instance, possibly you have a web development company. One of your clients is in need of an app. Your company is swamped with business, short on time and no one has the resources or the money to build an app. Rather than taking on the task of creating the app, the app is purchased from a reputable company, and then sold to your client under your brand.

Advantages of white label services for your company means you will:

  1. Save time and money: No need to redirect all your company’s daily goals and tasks of your company
  2. Boost your brand: Because all the hard work is behind you, more time is now available for branding your new product or service in a way that keeps your customers returning
  3. Create customer loyalty: when customers see your logo on your high-quality product or service, customer loyalty increases
  4. Increase your product line: the more products or services you offer, the greater the resource you will become
  5. Increase revenue: Because of all the advantages listed above, revenue increases


AT 51blocks, our white label services have helped countless companies advance their goals and increase their profits easily and repeatedly.

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Michael Borgelt
Michael Borgelt

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