Being a Great White Label Partner: What to Know

A white label partnership is like any other association. It involves cooperation and fellowship. It is a connection that bridges into a working relationship.

Growing your business in the 21st century has become compounded by the world wide web. Online businesses simply compete with more people for less prime real estate on the internet.

Getting noticed is hard. Staying noticed and relevant when other startups are trying to force you out involves staying up before you get left behind. Nothing for an online business comes easy and it is why a white label partnership helps with the heavy burden that is managing and operating an online presence.

What is a White Label Partnership?

A white label partnership is best described as an arrangement that allows someone to sell a product that is created by someone else, while the product remains under the original brand name.

In relation to online businesses, it provides a means for effective and thorough digital marketing through another service.

When you outsource your digital marketing needs to an established, knowledgeable, reputable firm you help give your company a head start on the rest of the competition.

The problem is too many companies have been burned by “white label promises” in the past. It involves online marketing services that are ill-prepared to handle the internet’s numerous marketing demands yet promise to do so anyhow.

So what makes a great white label partner?

Fake White Label Partners

Anyone can put together a flashy website that promises “Google first page rankings within 7 days” and “Grow traffic by 150% in 4 days.” The ads sound gimmicky and usually are.

It is not to say that you cannot expect near immediate results from a digital marketing firm, but it is important to separate the contenders from the pretenders.

When you start your quest to find a reputable online marketing agency you’re going to get flooded with search results. You’ll likely begin by searching for the features or services they include with their marketing packages. Some will make very bold, outlandish promises they never fully guarantee.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, you can begin by starting with the agencies that promise a relationship throughout the entire white label partnership.

The Qualities of Great White Label Partners

51Blocks takes into account the old values of working relationships and balances it with contemporary approaches to growing a business online.

We start first with the true identity of a partnership - the relationship qualities:

  •     Communication
  •     Trust

Though not every single aspect of a thriving business relationship can fundamentally get broken down into the above two categories, much of it can.

Often what most ineffective online marketers fail to deliver to their clients is clear and timely communication. They are all ears until the client signs up and then they disappear, eventually forcing the client to turn sour.

Communication goes both ways. 51Blocks has done its part by remaining fully transparent every step of the way, responding to inquiries of all kinds in a timely matter, and earning the trust of the client through this type of communication.

All we can ask for in return is that the client remains open, honest, and available. This two-way street creates a great white label partner.

Trust is and should never get earned overnight. Unfortunately, too many digital marketing providers try to turn it into an overnight sensation. They lean on false promises and then abandon ship when things do not work out as such.

We believe that is an awful way to do business. We do not support the ideology that trust is earned overnight. However, we will do our part to earn your trust as quickly as possible by remaining fully transparent and maintaining effective communication channels.

Problem Solving Involves Communication and Trust

We have established relationship building as the foundational block to our white label partnerships.

It is evident in everything we do from the initial consultation to establishing a marketing plan to carrying out the approaches.

We believe that getting involved with a client is simply a matter of staying involved. It involves both sides coming together as efficiently as possible, and always doing so in the best interests of the client.

Consistency is highly undervalued in today’s digital marketing world. What we realize is there are some things we can control and other things that are going to fluctuate.

What we can control is our communication and our trust with each other. We believe that no problem is too big to solve when there is communication and trust on both ends.

When those qualities lack so does the eventual goal of problem-solving.

51Blocks Methods for White Label Partnerships

Now that you know what we expect of our internal team let’s go over the basic expectations we ask of all our clients.

We never feel like anything we ask from a client is unreasonable, but if you ever feel that way we would like immediate feedback. 51Blocks endorses a shared inbox. What it means is that when you send an email to us, it not only goes to the specialist in the department designed to handle the situation but also everyone else in the organization, including our CEO.

In any business relationship, it is vital that is never a lapse in communication. For this reason, we ask that a great white label partner:

  •     Help our team prep for onboarding. Communication begins with onboarding. When we are both on the same page from the early days, everything is going to run far smoother.
  •     Provide transparency when it comes to current revenue. We realize no business ever wants to admit they are struggling or the numbers are not exactly where they would like. As a result, some companies have a tendency to inflate what they are doing well and neglect to mention what they would like to improve upon. But the whole point of digital marketing is to help you grow in ways you are lacking. So we ask for clear communication when it comes to revenue structure - past, present, and future.
  •     Maintain steady communication throughout. After onboarding, our communication channels do not end, unlike some marketing firms. In fact, it only grows and we sincerely hope it also fosters a positive business relationship. All we ask is that you keep open communication channels, just like we plan to do for you!

Stick with a Great White Label Partner - 51Blocks

51Blocks has always operated on the values of communication, trust, and transparency since opening its doors in 2009.

Throughout that time we have developed an unprecedented relationship level with many of our clients. We consider them more than white label partners and the feeling is mutual.

Not every client can see the value in digital marketing if they have limited visibility to the tasks taking place each month. We realize not every client understands SEO and PPC as well as we do, so we make it a priority to help explain and help demonstrate.

Through this education we always focus on growth, yet also never shy away from a struggle. In fact, we embrace it as our next challenge.

By presenting both negative and positive issues to our client we have built a foundation of trust that other digital marketing agencies fail to provide.

Contact us today to discuss your individual business needs.

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