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51Blocks Client Success Stories

At 51Blocks, our knowledge and experience speaks for itself. We have a proven track record of
helping business of all types achieve and manage marketing success with our SEO, PPC and social media marketing strategies. 51Blocks works to increase your website’s organic traffic, or traffic that comes to your website by sheer force of unpaid search results. We also specialize in conversion rate optimization (CRO), which is a fancy way of saying that we use analytics to pinpoint and correct anything that is getting in the way of your online visitors answering your call of action, like buying one of your products or signing up for a service. We can help transform your website into a money-making force that drives your overall business. Still don’t believe us? Take a look at these case studies. We’re basically awesome.

CASE STUDY #1- Jersey College (SEO)

After having their search results greatly impacted by the Panda 3.9.1 update in August 2012 (don’t let the cuddly name fool you- the Panda update caused most of Jersey College’s organic keyword rankings to fall outside the top 100 on Google!), this conglomerate of nursing schools with several locations around Florida, in Manhattan and, as its name implies, New Jersey sought our SEO expertise to increase presence in organic search results for keywords such as Nursing School. Nursing Program, LPN and RN.

51Blocks started with the Ft. Lauderdale area and then took on four additional markets (Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Manhattan and New Jersey) to work the same SEO magic. In just 10 weeks, organic traffic had grown by a whopping 95%, with conversions from organic traffic up by 76% and keyword presence including several rankings in the coveted top 5.

CASE STUDY #2- Green Van Lines (PPC)

This moving company out of Dallas, TX came to 51Blocks for help with increasing leads and reducing cost per conversion through PPC. What’s PPC? It stands for Pay Per Click, and is basically a search result that a business pays to have appear at the very top of a Google search. When 51Blocks first took over the paid search campaign, their cost per conversion was $271.24, meaning that in order to get one customer to sign up for their moving services, they had to pay out that amount in advertising. Over a 3-month period, there were 9 total conversions, with an average CTR (click-through rate, or the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view the page or ad) of 0.22%. The average cost per click was $14.03 and the average position that their paid search result would rank was 5.2.

After getting our hands on the website, 51Blocks used various tactics to reduce the cost per conversion and increase PPC leads, including regrouping and tweaking of keywords, geographic modification, day of week modification and mobile device targeting.  The results are impressive- cost per conversion is now $87.07, down almost $200 from before! Not only that, but total conversions leapt from an average of 3 per month to an unbelievable 34 in just one single month! We were able to double the CTR to 0.44% and reduced the cost per conversion to $13.16. And as if that wasn’t enough to cement our place in the PPC Hall of Fame, we increased Green Van Lines’ average position in search results to 4.5. Not too shabby!

CASE STUDY #3- David & Sons (Local SEO)

With this client, we flexed our local SEO muscles to increase rankings in the Maps section of a Google search using keywords Jeweler and Diamond in San Diego, CA. David & Sons initially had a couple of keywords on the first page of a local search, but had since been getting outranked by competitors. On top of that, David & Sons relocated their jewelry business, which caused another drop in their local search rankings. Once they hired 51Blocks to help them out, we determined that their business required extensive citation updating to get back to their first-page ranking status.

The local SEO wizards at 51Blocks went to work employing all the latest local search engine optimization strategies while continuing to adjust to the multiple updates to the local system. Some of the tactics we used include converting their old Google Places listing to a Google+ Business page, extensively auditing their citations and making corrections to NAP (Name, Address, Phone) inconsistencies all over the internet. We also managed David & Sons’ listing with the Google My Business dashboard, and used various on-site optimization tactics such as schema markups and publisher linking. And how did all this work turn out for David & Sons? The results are mind-blowing- their page is ranking for 18 out of 20 keywords we are tracking locally, which means that David & Sons is dominating the local rankings for an industry that has a ton of online competition. David & Sons is ranking in the top 3 search results for an impressive 90% of their local keywords, and have gained amazing customer reviews with a score of 4.9 stars on 114 reviews. Needless to say, the local SEO performed by the team at 51Blocks has turned the David & Sons website into a marketing powerhouse.

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