Jersey College


Building Online Equity In The Nursing School Niche


Strategic Objective

To increase presence in natural search results for Nursing School, Nursing Program, LPN and RN related keyword phrases in the Ft. Lauderdale area, and then subsequently for 4 additional markets, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, New Jersey and Manhattan.

Initial Insight

Our client was impacted by the Panda 3.9.1 update in August and watched most of their organic presence fall out of traffic driving positions – in fact the majority of their organic keyword rankings fell completely outside the top 100 on Google.  They were aware that they needed to establish a more significant presence within the digital space in an effort to continue to drive success and build connections with customers. As the digital agency of record, we helped them become useful, usable, visible and engaging through an integrated digital program that included search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), creative development, and link building with strategy integrated throughout.


Through a critique of their online efforts, we determined that their assortment of online properties was depressing the overall value of each website’s particular opportunity to achieve its specific goals.  Multiple similarities between the sites had led to a reduction in value in Google’s eyes causing all the sites to lose traction in the Google Algorithm. To counter this loss, we overhauled the scope and strategy of all their websites to create a unique and pertinent experience for each distinct geo-location.  Through better keyword strategies, more precisely optimized content and well organized link building support of each property, we were able to help recover and exceed the presence of the site’s organic strength in all cases.


The results were impressive. In the 10 weeks since we began this particular strategy, organic traffic has grown 95%. Conversions from organic traffic are up 76% and keyword presence now includes several rankings in the top 5 (where none existed before) and positive gains on 74% of the keywords we’re tracking on their behalf.