Permit Place


The Client: A license expeditor that helps small and large businesses get the licenses they need to conduct business in their state.

The Problem: Our client was doing everything right as far as their SEO strategy was concerned, but they just weren’t generating any leads. Permit Place was receiving more than 1,000 organic visits a month, so getting more users to the site wasn’t going to solve the problem.

The Solution: You can drive all of the traffic in the world to your site, but how do you guide them once they get there? Knowing what to do with the users once they got to the site would not only solve the problem, it helps to create other solutions you may not have even recognized.

So what did we do?

We started collecting emails.

Using Active Campaign, we created a 7-email funnel that was jam-packed full of information that anyone seeking a liquor license would need, love, and be incredibly thankful for.

We then identified all the top pages visited on the site, and added an opt-in to these pages... et viola!

As soon as the leads started pouring in, we replicated this effort for his other service offerings!

The Results: Currently our three month rolling average is giving us 5x as many conversions (about 120/month) and the aforementioned 33% increase in organic traffic!

The Why: Often overlooked in case studies is the why. At 51Blocks, transparency doesn’t end with our contracts; we spill all the tea to help keep our clients competitive.

This worked because people were looking for a solution and we provided it to them. We then provided them with more information that would speed up their process. Now we could provide the exact details of what we sent our list but that wouldn’t be of much help to you.

What would be extremely helpful is for us to tell you to find as many of your customers pain points as possible and solve them. This is also a great way to get links.

This gave our client a level of authority and trust with his market, and users started to seek him out specifically for this info. Google noticed us becoming a resource and rewarded us accordingly.



Our team created everything with the end user in mind. With so many stats, trends, “hacks” and the like available, we feel that it is important for marketers and SMBs to focus all of their efforts on making their product/service/business better for your user. When you put your user first, the ROI will follow.