Client Success - Family Law - 28% Increase in Leads YoY

The Client: A full-service law firm that helps with everything from child custody to business law.

The Problem: Our client was doing everything right as far as their SEO strategy was concerned, but they weren’t getting the traffic and results they wanted or that their competitors were getting.

The Solution: Audit everything. We ran some preliminary audits and found some potential issues such as site speed, backlinks and technical optimization. We also noticed that their content production was lacking in frequency and optimization.

So what did we do?

We started optimizing all the weakest point of the site.

We sped up the site by 20% in GTMetrix which showed increases almost instantly.

We disavowed backlinks built by their former SEO and rankings shot up to the 3rd positions.

We cleaned up a number of listings that were causing duplicates and inconsistencies in citation accuracy.

We created an air-tight content strategy that identified all questions and keywords for their practice areas.

Finally, we created a contact page with strong copy, calls to action and lead-in text.

The Results: The site’s ranking visibility increased 80%, traffic increased 40% and leads increased by 10%. This work was done in 2014- and we are still seeing results! Currently our three month rolling average is giving us lead increases of 10% and organic traffic increases of 15% on average!

The Why: Often overlooked in case studies is the why. At 51Blocks, transparency doesn’t end with our contracts; we spill all the tea to help keep our clients competitive.

This worked because we fixed all the elements of the site that Google was looking at and the client wasn’t. We then provided Google with more information that was better optimized, structured and had better referring links. Now we could provide the exact details of what we sent our list but that wouldn’t be of much help to you.

What would be extremely helpful is for us to tell you to find as many of your customers pain points as possible and solve them with well-optimized content. This is also a great way to get links.

This also gave our client a level of authority and trust with their market, and the number of users to the site precipitously increased because of it. Google noticed us becoming a resource and rewarded us accordingly.


Our team created everything with the end user in mind. With so many stats, trends, “hacks” and the like available, we feel that it is important for marketers and SMBs to focus all of their efforts on making their product/service/business better for your user. When you put your user first, the ROI will follow.

Hello, just wanted to share some of the exciting results that we've been getting for our clients here. We've got a report from our a dash system here. Now you can check and see that, uh, year over year we've increased sessions and month over month we've also increased sessions. Um, this niche particularly in particular, uh, family law is pretty seasonal. So we want to be comparing year over year as well. So you can see last year we have 42 conversions and this year we have 58. And what's that metric? We can tell we have 16 conversions increase. And initially family law that can end up in anywhere from $16,000 all the way up to, you know, $144,000, just depending on the price of your services here. So these are some of the results and the ROI behind them. Cause that's more important cause you can get traffic, I'm in rankings all day, but if it's not bringing in actual revenue for your business, then it's not very effective. So this is just a short example of some of the increases and improvements and results that we've been providing for our clients.

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