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Michael Borgelt


Michael started his career as a computer programmer, moved into database administration, and found a perfect match for his technical skills with internet marketing. Michael has been doing search engine optimization since…well… before it was search engine optimization. Michael was a key player in the marketing strategies behind which surged to the #1 position for the keyword “mortgage.”

Brittany's Headshot

Brittany Filori

Marketing & Operations Manager

Based out of the Pacific Northwest, Brittany started her digital marketing career in 2012 working for, a fashion website based out of Portland, where she helped to develop brand awareness & strategy for their social media presence. After obtaining her M.B.A. from Marylhurst University, she became an SEO Account Executive and has worked with every size company from large national brands to small backyard businesses. Throughout her career she has always been focused on the overarching goal of improving processes to benefit both the clients and employees alike. After successfully training and coaching many Account Executives over the years in addition to managing clients, Brittany joined the 51Blocks team as the Marketing Manager to continue this passion.


Reggie Sudduth II

SEO & Social Media Manager

A native to Colorado, Reggie received his degree in Marketing and Business Management from the University of Colorado. He has extensive experience in all areas of marketing and oversees strategies & task work for many of our accounts. As a lead SEO, Reggie continues to bring a critical eye to his work, and usually does it with a great sense of humor. Seamless marketing strategies and converting copy are his in-office obsessions. Outside of 51Blocks, you can catch Reggie working on his music, engineering records, learning (anything) or playing hockey.

Ryan's Headshot

Ryan Fitzgerald

Content Manager & Account Strategist

Ryan moved to Colorado from the bleak wasteland that is Texas back in 2012 after bouncing around the west coast (and a stint in East Africa), but don’t hold the Texas thing against him. He has extensive experience in multi-platform digital marketing strategy, having specialized in paid search, SEO, and content development over the last six years. Ryan’s goal with every client is to best maximize their return on investment. He isn’t a quiet man, no matter how hard he tries, but his colleagues forgive him for it. When he’s not at the office you can find him at a concert, either getting down or shooting photos for the band. His die-hard love for the Packers is both a blessing and a curse. He lives for the written word, and that passion shows in his content strategy. He WILL correct your grammar, no matter how many times you tell him to stop.

Head shot for Wesley Yarber

Wesley Yarber

Sales Manager

Wesley is in the land of barbecue, North Carolina. Wesley joins the 51 blocks team as the sales manager and brings experience in SaaS from fortune 1000 companies to day 1 startups. Wesley received his B.B.A from East Carolina University and is a Pirate at heart. When he is not working you can find him at the hockey rink playing below average hockey, hanging out with his wife and son, or watching the Panthers.

Max Davis Portrait

Max Davis

PPC Manager & Strategist

Max has extensive experience in digital marketing including PPC, SEM and Web Design. He’s also Google Certified and currently going to school to attain his Bachelor’s in Web Design and Development. Max has a deep understanding of marketing and strives to influence future growth and development primarily by means of paid search. His formula for providing clients with genuine results is backed by years of experience, dedication and a meticulous attention to detail. Outside of 51Blocks, Max enjoys drumming, music production and deep-sea fishing with his dad in San Diego. He has over 10 years of experience as a well versed drummer and has toured all over the U.S.

Sebastian Aguirre

PPC Strategist

Based out of Brooklyn NY, Sebastian is a graduate of Wesleyan University with a Bachelor’s in Economics. During his 4 years in the digital marketing field Sebastian has worked as a Writer, Content Creator, SEO, PPC Specialist, Technical Support, and Web Designer. At 51blocks, his focus is on PP, optimizing  Clients’ Google AdWords accounts for success. When not on the clock, Sebastian enjoys training his Aussie Shepherd puppy and making music from his home studio.

Ryan Malinowski

PPC Strategist

A proud native of the chicken wing capital, Buffalo New York, Ryan received his B.S in Economics while he was an NCAA Student-Athlete. He enjoys all things digital marketing (sales, PPC/SEM, social media marketing) and initially become involved in the space during college. Ryan has lived in 3 of the 4 corners of the US (so far) & has also lived extensively in Europe, having played professional hockey overseas in both Poland and Denmark. Away from the computer, you’ll find him reading (non-fiction), working out at the gym, or in the kitchen (pretending he’s a professional chef).

Lisa Moriarty

Web Manager & Billing Specialist

Hailing from the best place on earth, Chicago’s South Side, Lisa joins the 51 Blocks team and brings with her years of experience in digital marketing and project management. Lisa received a horrific sunburn and her B.A. in Mass Communication and Media Studies from Arizona State University. She consistently provides end-to-end project management and has perfected the fine art of client interactions. Lisa also is the proud owner of the cutest dog in the whole wide world, Chief.

Ana's Headshot

Ana Douglass

Social Media Marketer

Ana Douglass is a Social Media Marketing Consultant based in Kansas City, MO. With over 8 years experience in Digital Marketing, her primary focus has has been to help develop and enhance the awareness of non-profit organizations interested in reaching a global audience. In addition to her work with NGOs, Ana also has a passion for film, food & photography. Her interesting perspective, full imagination and energy can be viewed in every project she embarks upon.

Alana Willis in a circle

Alana Willis

Content Writer

Alana graduated from CU Denver with her B.A. in Communications back in 2002 and has been finding ways to incorporate her passions for writing and marketing into her career ever since. Alana lives in Denver with her darling husband of 8 years, Justin, and their adorable 5-year-old son Ethan, as well as Hank the American bulldog and Franklin the basset hound. She is currently studying for her Master’s degree in Information Systems with a specialty in Enterprise Technology Management from CU Denver. In her free time (what’s that?), Alana enjoys belting out tunes at karaoke night, playing mediocre harmonica and ukulele, watching superhero movies and going to her Zumba and kickboxing classes.

Joshua Powers

Content Writer

Born and raised on the mean streets of Boston, Massachusetts, now residing in the the world’s hurricane center stage, Joshua crafts music and novels while taming his small army of children. With over seven years of content writing under his belt, organically implementing SEO strategy into every word, he’s taken to the business aspect of writing. He finished his first book when he was fifteen, and began a successful career out of the written word at seventeen. When he’s not planning his midlife crisis or contemplating existence, he’s reading and desperately hoping he’ll attend a Metallica concert before they retire. If he corrects his wife’s grammar one more time, she may just lose it.

Mike Brooks Headshot in a circle

Mike Brooks

SEO Account Strategist

Coming from Philadelphia, Michael has a strong love for travel, food, and writing. Michael loves exploring different places having lived in Toronto and New York before. He comes from a strong Marketing background and has a love for all things technology. Michael’s goal is to provide you with the best marketing experience as possible, while out lining goals for various clients to improve brand awareness. If Michael isn’t catching up on the latest technology he can be caught traveling and exploring the world.

Marcelina Hardy

SEO Account Strategist

Marcelina Hardy, also known as Marcie, is a 51 Blocks SEO Account Manager. She enjoys interacting with clients and tackling websites to find out how they can be improved for better search engine ranking and user experiences. In the 10 years she’s been working on websites, she’s seen how the online world has changed, and she’s excited about the future for business owners. When she’s not investigating websites and speaking to clients, she’s spending time with her husband or playing with her kids. As a military spouse, she’s lived in Virginia, Kentucky, and the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina.

Head shot of Gabrielle for bio page

Gabrielle Hopper

SEO Account Strategist

Gabrielle’s passion for online marketing doesn’t stop at SEO. She enjoys helping companies succeed online and feel confident about their overall presence on the web. Gabrielle received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication of Communication from Loyola Marymount University and her Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management from the University of La Verne in Southern California. Needless to say communication is a strong suit. Her goal is to provide an exceptional marketing experience for all clients. While currently residing in the Pacific Northwest, she remains loyal to her boys in blue at least 26 weeks out of the year. Gabrielle is a foodie, avid baker, experienced RV traveler, and passionate about spreading positive vibes like wildfire!

Katherine Torres

SEO Account Strategist

Katherine is a results-driven digital marketing professional who’s worked in B2B and B2C environments and managed clients in the industries of hospitality, home improvement, healthcare, retail, automotive, and more. She has experience and expertise working with social media marketing, SEO, SEM, email marketing, and content marketing. In addition, she has experience in graphic design and front end web development.

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