Conversion Tracking: The Most Important Metric in Your SEO Campaign

Launching a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign generally goes hand-in-hand with learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and success can sometimes be difficult to measure — especially in the beginning. Whether you’re working with a digital marketing company or designing, maintaining, and updating your business website in-house, you’ll find that tracking your conversions is the most significant metric in your campaign.


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What Are Conversions?

Plainly put, a conversion is any meaningful interaction with your product or services that is gained from your marketing efforts. Depending on how deep you want to track the conversion, that can mean the viewing of a single product page, a follow or like on Facebook or a click-through visit to your business’ homepage. While of course the main conversion that many business owners are most concerned with is verified sales, downloads or viable leads, monitoring big-picture trends can allow you to make significant marketing changes with solid data backing you up.


Conversion Tracking Can Help Drive Your Sales

While tracking conversions and analyzing data won't magically increase your sales overnight, it can lead to smarter decision making with your SEM. You can quickly identify which search queries and keywords generated the conversions for you, identifying potential lucrative changes you can make and focal points for future SEM campaigns — which will increase your sales over time.


Goal Settings & Completions

These days, the number one reason for website failures is not having a clear business objective. A successful website along with effective SEM & SEO campaigns can turn your company around by building brand awareness, boosting sales, reducing costs, enhancing the customer experience, reducing costs, and helping your business grow. However, setting the right goals can be the difference between website failure and resounding success.


In order to set the best overall goals for your company’s website and SEO campaign, it’s important to interview the various department heads and company stakeholders early in the process in order to learn more about their specific needs and how the website and/or campaign can assist them. This practice helps ensure that your goals are comprehensive and in-line with what is best for the company as a whole.

When setting goals, it is important to avoid “vanity goals.” Many businesses make the mistake of setting goals and focusing on metrics that don’t necessarily convert into business success, such as; more page views, longer visit durations, more site traffic, etc. While gaining an increase in site visitors is generally recognized as a positive trend, the big question is does that traffic translate into an increase in sales or leads? It all depends on whether or not you are attracting and engaging the right audience. Goals should be 100% clear, unambiguous, and while of course, every situation is different, it’s important to select goals that directly lead to business success.


Call Tracking

When a visitor ends up on your site after clicking one of your ads, call conversion tracking can help you identify and measure calls from your site and can be utilized to help you determine how effective your ads are at leading to phone calls. With this type of conversion tracking, you’re also able to set a minimum length for the actual phone calls, allowing you to filter out shorter calls that likely don’t include sales or other desirable actions.


Tracking Form Submissions

One of the most common conversion actions on a website is form submissions. Whether it’s registering for a company-sponsored or business event, signing up for a newsletter, or submitting a contact request, tracking form submissions is an important part of your marketing campaign.


Conversion Experts

Conversion tracking is a vital part of any SEO/SEM campaign simply because you’re able to make well-informed decisions with the data that you obtain which can help increase sales and your ROI. 51 Blocks is a professional digital marketing company that not only knows the importance of conversions and tracking, we take it to the next level.


We’re the ones to call whether it’s a brand new custom website that focuses on a positive user experience and maximum opportunity for conversion or revamping and optimizing your existing website for SEO. Not only that, we can design a targeted local SEO optimization campaign, social media marketing, a custom Paid Search / Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, and even implement and maintain a live chat option for those times when your website doesn’t answer the visitor’s question.

Tracking your form fills, calls, site visits, sales, and other conversions is not only critical, doing it effectively takes valuable time. Knowing what to do with that data and how to leverage it to best suit your business goals, takes trial and error — or expertise. Contact 51 Blocks today and let us show you how we can provide you with a custom campaign designed specifically for your needs and to increase your ROI.

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