Are You Creating Valuable Content for Your Users?

If you’ve done any standalone research on your SEO strategy, there’s one little phrase you’re seen a dozen times: Content is king. There’s so much truth to those three little words that it hurts. Gone are the days where you can just spam a bunch of keywords and get top notch results. Google refines their algorithms every single day, and we’ve hit a point in time where the quality of your content matters significantly. SEO and content marketing are two sides of the same coin; one needs the other to thrive.


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Take a Look at Your Current Content

Without being too forward here, would you read your current website content? Take a step back and read your blog posts and service pages as unbiased as you can, and really, critically think about their quality. Do they flow? Do they get the message across? Do they answer the question that the viewer was looking for?

If not, we can fix that. If so, we can expand on that. Google looks at the quality of your content, but it also looks at the length and the relevancy. (In truth, there are numerous factors on the SEO side of things, but all that strategy can be wasted if the content is poor.) Longer pages rank better, they offer more insight and information into the question of the initial search.


One Common Mistake With the Perception of SEO and Content

Content should absolutely drive conversions and sales, but here’s the kicker: More page views don’t equal more business. Your content has to serve a purpose, and be unique, or else it gets lost in the static. Your industry may have hundreds of established companies, but there’s only one of your company out there, and it’s going to be a cornerstone in the business. Why? You’re going to focus on unique content.

If I received 1,000 page views in a single day, I’d be pretty excited. If I only yielded one new client from that, I’d be asking myself some hard questions. I’d take quality over quantity any day, which is why my content would be unique, would drive a sale, and would be extremely vital to the reader. Offer them something they’ve never read before; offer them a look into your industry.

Here’s one tidbit that will stick with you: Every single webpage you have is an opportunity for someone to find you, but it’s also another opportunity to dive-bomb.

In a unique industry, you need unique content marketing. Is your business model new? Draft up a white paper to explain everything to beginners. Are you opening up shop in a new city? A press release would leave more of an impact than a blog. Do you consider yourself an authority on a specific part of your business? Long-form content is going to rank you higher, and make you a beacon of information for internet users.


The Right Building Blocks

Your brand needs a foundation to stand on: We’ve got more than 51 blocks in our arsenal, so let’s build on your ideas and experience together. You need content, but you don’t need a generalized “solution,” because what works for everyone else isn’t going to work for you. Be relevant, be unique, and never stop building. With the right SEO strategists and writers in our corner, we can scale your online presence like no one else. You’re unique; shouldn’t your content marketing solution be?

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