Why Business Owners Flounder in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing companies are a dime a dozen.

Marketing courses, swipe files and templates have never been more prevalent.

So why are so many businesses still struggling with digital marketing?

After years of providing digital marketing services we have realized that a lot of businesses are only invested in marketing for the short-term gains.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to increase leads and revenue. We built our company growing and analyzing business’ ROI so we are definitely conscious of your bottom line.

However, would you be more likely to buy from a stranger or a good friend?

Most people would rather buy from someone that they are familiar with.

That is exactly why you need to be more long-term with your marketing.

Think about a platform like Facebook.

Most of its users remember the Ad-free Facebook. In order to get Likes, or let people give you access to engage with them, you must establish value and nurture a relationship before you make any sort of offer.

SEO is a completely different playing field but it a long-term approach is still the best bet.

Let’s say you are a in a competitive niche and city medium sized city.

Any expert will tell you it could take you up to 9 months to rank! We all know SEO isn’t and you can stop and expect to continue to reap the benefits. In fact, the longer you optimize your site for search the better your site will perform.

Beyond the platforms, you have to think of the type of sales that you want.

Do you you want to get a quick sale and never interact with that customer again?

If you are dedicated to sales you ought to be at least interested in customer retention.

Spending more time creating a long-term marketing plan will help you not only get more customers but help you keep them for the long haul.

The age old saying “nothing worth having comes easily” also applies heavily to digital marketing.

Ask anyone who has bought likes, purchased bulk backlinks or paid for fake traffic how long those strategies worked for them.

So how does 51Blocks use long-term strategies to grow businesses?

For SEO campaigns it starts with identifying your market’s needs and creating content that answers their questions.

With social media we begin by growing and engaging with your audience so that you can get the most from your offers and promotions.



It really doesn’t matter what marketing vehicle you are using, either. Creating a long-term strategy for any marketing effort is the best way to be successful in today’s digital marketing climate.

So before you embark on your next campaign, set some long-term goals and strategies to help ensure that your efforts are not in vain.

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