Digital Power Hour - How 51Blocks Creates the Ideal White Label Partnership

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In our second episode, we discuss how to create the ideal white label partnership. Listen here!

How to Create the Ideal White Label Partnership

As a growing business, you may find that the day-to-day SEO task work which accompanies digital marketing campaigns has become overwhelming or tiring. That’s ok! At 51Blocks, we want to create a white label partnership to help you with the SEO task work so that you can continue to provide your clients with excellent service and results. We know that scaling your business requires great attention to your company and your clients, and our goal is to relieve some of the stress created by SEO tasks that may interrupt your workflow or take precious time away from other critical duties in the marketing campaign. 

One concern you may have is how your marketing agency and 51Blocks can merge workflows and strategic approaches without compromising your service model. When you entrust us as your white label partner, our flexibility, communication, and solid organizational structure will demonstrate how we can become an extension of your agency rather than a separate entity.

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Flexibility Creates Relationships

Many marketing agencies and SEO companies are unwilling to mold to another company’s workflow methods because they have established processes and procedures. That inflexibility may disable them from understanding what you are providing for your clients and expectations you are setting. It may also prevent them from enhancing that. We believe that a good white label partner should be an extension of your strategic and fulfillment teams and be able to handle your clients’ needs by establishing a relationship with your marketing agency first. 

51Blocks is here to listen to your concerns and requirements and work with you to figure out a solid strategy to be successful. From the outset, we want to merge with your company rather than overwhelm you or institute new procedures. Our flexibility allows us to make our partnership easy so that we can focus on the success of your clients’ marketing campaigns.

Communication Helps Them Grow

Just like any other type of relationship, a white label partnership requires effective communication. From the beginning of our partnerships, we establish a standard of transparency in our communication so that expectations can be instituted, goals set, and client success made a priority. Our initial conversation with you is critical in making sure that we are all on the same page and are happy with the desired outcomes of our partnership. We also want to lay our strategy on the table so that everyone is clear on what action items need to be accomplished as well as a timeframe for turn around on these action items. Setting action items allows us to gain clarity in our relationship to ensure both parties are comfortable moving forward and to help you get your clients to their goals.

Part of our communication strategy is showing your marketing agency that we are not trying to take over; because we are partners, we want to make sure that the process works for both parties and that everyone is aware of the teams and individuals working on the project. Transparency at each point of the process is integral in building a strong white label partnership to prevent confusion or misunderstanding. We have a shared inbox visible to everyone working on the project--including you! This ensures that we can all view the historical documents and information on the project, leave notes to assist one another, and expedite the process. You can see our progress on any action items or pain points you brought to our attention in our initial meeting, so you can rest assured there is a plan in place and we are making headway on your concerns. Because our goal is to be an extension of your marketing agency, we can also communicate with your clients and answer any questions they might have directly while always keeping you in the loop. It creates a smoother process for everyone involved.

In a  Partnership with 51Blocks, You’re Never Alone

Unlike some companies, our white label partnerships come with a solid organizational structure within the company. You don’t just have one point of contact--you have a whole team to support your account. And don’t worry! You won’t have to manage another person as part of your team. Because we are partners, we will work together at every stage of the process. Depending on the size of your company, there is a range of people who will be involved. We will analyze your account and decide what level of support you need. A big account may need 1-2 strategists and a specialist whereas a smaller account may only need the specialist. And, of course, scaling your business may increase your needs so our team can easily readjust to meet those needs. Regardless of the size, you will always have multiple points of contact and various individuals working together, strategizing, and brainstorming to give you the most effective campaign possible.

With a solid foundation and structure established, expectations created and set early, and total support throughout the entire process, our white label partnership will ultimately increase the lifetime value of the campaign.

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