Does Site Speed Matter?

The speed at which a website loads does matter to those waiting for it to. No one wants to sit around and wait for a particular website to open. Most people will lose patience and navigate away from a site that won’t load quickly in favor of one that will. This means that it is crucial to make sure your website loads as quickly as possible each and every time an Internet user clicks on it.

Aside from the annoyance a slow loading site causes for those trying to view it, Google also frowns upon sites that take too long to load. When they look at a particular website to determine its ranking Google takes note of how long the site takes to load.

Many times a site that takes a long time to load does so because of its content. The more pictures and videos you use on your site the longer it will take to load. This also applies to any graphics on your website.

There are many free online tools that you can download and use if you find that your website is taking too long to load. Some of those tools include Page Speed, an add-on to the Firefox browser, Yslow, which is a tool put out by Yahoo, Pingdom and Google Webmaster Tools.

You will want to test your site to make sure it loads quickly whether it is being loaded by one Internet user or by multiple Internet users simultaneously.

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