February Monthly Recap

SEO Updates

One of the main concerns that 51Blocks tries to address for clients is: how soon can we make it to the top? Really, that’s the million dollar question. As an SEO company, we understand the wave of concern surrounding search engine optimization, namely: how effective it is, and how quickly it can help businesses. But are people truly asking the right questions concerning their online marketing health and growth?

51Blocks is taking a new approach to addressing the timeless ranking inquiries that we hear so often. Don’t get us wrong, we do care about first page results, too, but with an ever changing system of updates and new guidelines, we feel it essential to address the more prudent question: how effective are our strategies in terms of managing online assets to ensure longevity for a business’ web presence?

Our shift in focus has given us great insight in approaching the online marketing sector. This means executing quality content creation, and creating a concrete, consistent, and clean approach to marketing a business’ brand & services across the web. Google and other search engines alike continue to impede on the shortcuts used by most marketing firms today, clearly defining the evolution of SEO and where it’s headed. While there’s no way to know exact updates to come, 51Blocks does have an understanding that short-term success may mean disastrous results later.

Business Online Assets — SEO

A business’ online assets is where we’re currently lending our efforts. What exactly do we mean by assets? This can encompass quite a few things, including business information across the web, and ensuring its consistency—yes, this means going into all of those small, pointless directories and correcting any information that is old, or irrelevant. It also means putting up unique, quality content on websites that show search engines: this business is updated, accessible, relevant and worthy of recommendation to searchers. Of course, there’s also the important business research that we do before hand that helps us to identify possible weaknesses and offer comparison reports of top competitors.

Among these assets we also include staying updated from our end. For example, we see the trend currently stemming from smartphone usage — so this means updating our clients about the importance of having a mobile-friendly website, with an easy way to contact the business (ie. Click-to-Call, a feature that our mobiles sites currently offer). It also means effectively managing AdWords Campaigns and budgeting appropriately.

So, truly, we care about your business in terms of long-term growth and success. As a company, we make it a priority to evaluate and truly understand what your business offers and what market we should focus for noticeable results. As new updates roll out, we continue to restructure our approach to executing quality tasks that will help you dominate your online industry — and, not just that, be an aid in helping to maintain those standings.

Local Search

We’re also extending this newly designed frame-work to local search. As new updates come to Google Places, or Google Plus, it’s important for our team to stay ahead of them, and encourage local listings to improve their online relevancy.

Structured data mark-up, for example, is one way to distinguish from the competition. Also, the new “business descriptors for business titles” update that Google Local Listings are now offering. Yes, you can now place descriptors within your business’ name on Google listings. The descriptors can be anything that helps people locate the business, or describes what the business offers, for example: Ann’s Coffee Downtown, or Chad’s Sandwich Delivery.

Matt Cutts at Google also released an article earlier this month discussing usage of EXIF Data for images, and whether or not this is actually helpful to local rankings. EXIF data is the information incorporated on a photo image, such as: geo target enriched data, keyword tags, and time stamps, along with other technical details of a photo. In all, the explanation was pretty evident that Google does value EXIF Data on photo imaging. This has long been a task included in monthly work for our clients at 51Blocks.

Overall, our main goal is to structure your online presence so that it represents what your business is truly about. Our approach to monthly tasks are executed with consideration to the long-term success of your online market.


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