Find Your Business in Google Maps

Google Maps for business can help to get your business recognized in the local market. By claiming and verifying your Google+ listing you are increasing your chances of showing up in Google Maps when somebody searches in their area.

Many of the Google Maps searches are done from mobile devices when people are searching for a particular type of business near them. When you are building your business page there are ways to optimize your local listing to make sure people are finding you through relevant search queries.

Whether someone is visiting an unfamiliar city or a resident looking for a new place to go you want to show up in Google Maps. When your business appears on a map users can get an accurate location and also have instant access to your phone number and website. Having a presence in Maps will give people an opportunity to visit your site and read reviews about your business.

Optimize Google Maps for Business

There are things you should make sure you do when claiming your listing:

  • Synchronize Information – make sure all phone numbers and addresses are correct and match each other
  • Add Photos – users are more interested in seeing photos of your business than the stock photos provided by Google
  • Have a Great Description – the description should accurately represent your business while interesting enough to grab the user
  • Choose the Right Category – Make sure your business shows up in all the right places by picking categories that make sense.

Once you have sufficiently optimized your listing you can further help your business by providing unique and engaging content on your website. Once you get people there you want to make sure they stick around to learn about your business. See how 51 Blocks can help optimize your website with SEO services and other industry expertise.

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