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Automotive Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the essence of each business in this day and age. Companies that have yet to engage in digital marketing experience a considerable decline in business and growth. In recent studies, automotive digital marketing for the car market has shown tremendous business growth.

It has created more profit, more buzz, a wider reach among the audience and in no doubt better sales and opportunity for growth. This is unlike the older traditional automotive marketing method which only depended on billboards, Tv or in person marketing via showrooms.

Our team a therefore takes you through all the digital marketing requirements, engineered for the growth of your dealership.

Channels of Automotive Digital Marketing

Automotive digital marketing can use various channels to facilitate the growth of automotive marketing.

Ads lead to sales in business while digital marketing creates an online presence. Running ads consistently leads to a broader reach and this translates to more car buyers.

By using the various online channels of digital marketing such as  email marketing, social media and mobile campaigns, car dealerships revenue grow and the business expands significantly.

Characteristics of best digital marketing

It is not a doubt that most if not all buyers research on car dealers online. By this fact, social media marketing is a key factor in generating sales and driving traffic to the website.

Digital marketing then becomes a backbone for creating sales in card dealership in this new technological era. A challenge mainly would be perhaps to gain the trust of leads.

However a good digital marketing campaign can generate leads and create trust from buyers. Below we take a glance at the features of the best Digital marketing activities which include;

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How customers use online search to find Auto dealers

Customers are known to do online research first before deciding on the purchase of a car. As a result a lot of dealers in the automotive industry have embraced Digital marketing for their automotive businesses.

Dealers now use various online strategies to beat competitors and grow the customer base.

But even though each customer is different; you will note that a few shared characteristics.

Before the customer begins on their journey to make a purchase they do a search on Google about the auto dealerships available in the industry.

Based on google’s rank of the page, online marketing, and strategies, more buyers click on an auto dealerships page that is ranked higher and the one with more traffic.

The traffic is brought about by online paid advertising.

It is essential to have ads that lead and translate to sales because car buyers are particular in terms of what car to purchase.

Generating more leads & more jobs for your car dealership crew through strategic digital marketing!

How search engine optimization works to rank car dealerships on Google

With Automotive digital marketing we dive into building a brand and growing customers with seo. Having a fully-fledged website is not the only marketing aspect needed to build a brand and get online customers.

With seo, the automotive industry can be ranked high on google search engines, increasing traffic to the website.

The website’s visibility is significantly due to seo and this leads to more buyers and potential customers and eventually paying customers.

Seo puts your automotive marketing content on the first page but in order to rank high on SERP you need to use relevant keywords.

With seo changing every other time, at 51, we endeavour to say on top of our game and keep at per with google algorithm to keep your dealership up to date.

Homebuilders Marketing Strategy

Brand Awareness

My business needs more personality & a stronger brand presence for my audience.

Check out our services that help achieve a strong brand presence.

Local SEO

I’m trying to increase my organic visibility in search rankings & maps. 

See our local SEO options that will help drive more new traffic & organic leads. 


Lead Generation

For over a decade we have served clients from across many verticals. 

See which niches we serve and how we can help your business.

Benefits of seo for the automotive industry

Discover the benefits of using seo for the growth of the automotive industry.

At 51 each of our dealers receive keywords to use for SEO. The keywords are relevant for driving traffic to your website. The keywords are focused on helping you drive traffic above your competitors website.

The content is crafted specifically for your dealership and you do not need to pay for ads in SEO since your keyword is your selling point.

With seo, you are bound to get more clicks using organic search.

You can get reports and analysis on your website rank so that you can implement effective strategies and stay ahead of your competitors.

Digital marketing strategy for the automotive industry

Various ways are critical in driving the growth of the automotive industry. The majority of dealers in the automotive sector have embarked on a marketing strategy on social media to bring customers to the

business. The marketing strategy should work in complementing the different

channels. The marketing should urge customers and meet their demands. Marketing

should represent the company and outlines clearly how to satisfy the customer.

PPC campaigns and reputation management for digital marketing

Reputation management is a key element when coming up with a marketing campaign. The brand image is important and should be portrayed positively on all social platforms. Reviews are critical in any business, as they can give insight on the business’s direction when opting for pay per click ( PPC ).

Customer reviews influence purchase

PPC is one of the most reliable channels of digital marketing for cars. PPC increases quality site visits generates traffic,builds local awareness, and generate more leads.

PPC should never be overlooked during digital marketing campaign.

Reviews are based on the customer’s findings from their purchase or how they view your business in different capacities.

According to Google research, some buyers’ decisions in making a purchases are primarily based on reading reviews about services or products.

When you build trust with customers they give good reviews.

Reviews are the most effective marketing leads from buyers.

51 blocks .com for car dealership

The benefits of working with are tremendous.

We handle all things pertaining to digital marketing for dealership so you can handle your business’s sales part. This is as we work on bringing traffic to your website.

We build brand on all mobile and social platforms.

With digital marketing, it is very important to understand consumers needs and with our experience, we consider that for all dealerships.

We leverage the data of any dealership and engage the right opinion for your business.

Our services are goal oriented. We are very much interested in helping you increase organic traffic as well as generate new paid leads. We drive traffic to your website increasing buyers.

What do you need for your car dealership?

We are a provider of customized marketing strategies crafted especially for your local business. You can call any time and the team 51 will be available to assist.

We are a service provider not only interested in growing your revenue but also your dealership.

We offer the following service      

Brand awareness to acquire clients is tailored to accommodate your dealership,no matter the size of your company.

Grow your dealership with paid digital advertising

Besides organic reach do you know that you can grow your dealership with paid advertising?

Paid advertising is any type of advertising that you pay for, inorder to increase sales for your dealership.

One of the benefits of digital marketing is that Paid advertising can run on various platforms, such as social and mobile.You could run the campaigns targeting consumers in various location, age group and preference since digital marketing has a very broad reach.

Depending on your budget, this then becomes an opportunity to grow revenue and generate traffic.

website. handles all paid advertising with thorough research, data collection and analysing.

We are able to advice on the best social and mobile platform for your digital campaigns. In case of any need for assistance you can call .

Digital consumers research

Before advertising runs digital consumers research to better understand your business and the market placement.

Because Digital market research is very important, embarks on an intensive journey to offer the best services suited according to the data collection for your dealership.

You can trust to deliver.

It all starts with a call!

In order for us to put together the best campaign for your business, we need to take the time to understand your business, website, and industry.