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The Ultimate Guide to Concrete Marketing

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What Is Lead Generation?

It is the process that involves identifying and attracting people interested in your brand, products, or services and converting them into customers. It consists of marketing activities that correspond with the clients’ journey, from generating traffic, converting visitors into leads, and eventually converting them into customers.

One of the most critical places for lead generation is your website. If you do it right, you can convert your website visitors to prospects, then customers and ambassadors of your brand. Whether your business deals with stamped concrete, web design, or any other field, you will benefit from lead generation.


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Content Marketing for Concrete

According to HubSpot’s statistics, 54% more leads are generated by inbound tactics than traditional paid marketing. This shows that as a marketer, you have to give top priority to creating the right content.

Content marketing involves creating and sharing educational content and valuable information about your brand. The Intention is to build trust, credibility, and authority around your content and your business. Create content that is relevant, catchy, informative, engaging, and valuable. 

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Optimize Your Concrete Company's Site for SEO

SEO is a great way to find long-term exponential growth in your concreate business. It is the process of adding content to your website, structuring suitably for user experience and search engines, and also earning backlinks from other reputable websites.

In a nutshell, SEO increases your site ranking for content using the business-related keywords you want to target. Potential customers search your keywords, and they find your content among the Google search results. They create organic traffic by click on your website link, and they become leads by signing up. Your content must meet their needs for you to have an opportunity to convert them into concrete contractor leads and eventually make sales or get concrete jobs.

A landing page is a page where your visitors’ land is directed to from an ad on Google or social media post, and then you can capture the leads by collecting their contact information. It’s an opportunity to showcase your business and convert the visitors into exclusive leads.

The value of your landing page will largely determine the success of your lead generation campaigns. A high-converting landing page has a simple and clear message that grabs attention, shows the offer’s value, and gets the lead to take action. 

Your landing page heading (H1) should outline the customer’s problem or provide a solution. It should be consistent with the ad/social post message that led the visitor to your website. The landing page should then go on to explain how your business can solve the problem. Other tips to generate concrete contractor leads through your landing page include:

Generating more leads & more jobs for your concrete crew through strategic digital marketing!

Leverage Paid Advertisements from Google & Display Ads

Paid advertising is used to attract leads, improves brand awareness, and generates revenue in online marketing.

One of the common models applied in digital ads is pay-per-click (PPC). It is a tactical way of buying traffic to your website. PPC ads appear as the regular first three or four Google search results when you search for a particular keyword except that they have the tag “Ad” before the hyperlink. As a result, your brand gets exposure to a highly appropriate audience searching keywords related to your business. For each click to your ad, as an advertiser, you pay a fee.

To gain high leads for your business through PPCs, you have to optimize your copy with the relevant keywords.

Display ads are more creatively satisfying than PPC ads, and they are the digital equivalent of traditional hoardings and billboards.

Unlike text-only ads, display ads work when you have great creativity in playing around with copy, images, illustrations, and even animation. According to HubSpot, 2020, in online advertising, photo and imagery posts were the most-used content type to increase audience engagement.

Concrete Marketing Strategy

Brand Awareness

My business needs more personality & a stronger brand presence for my audience.

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Local SEO

I’m trying to increase my organic visibility in search rankings & maps. 

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Lead Generation

For over a decade we have served clients from across many verticals. 

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Email Marketing for Concrete Jobs

Email marketing is also one of the best ways to capture leads on your website, according to a report from Ascend2.

To convert your email subscribers to potential clients, you have to create an online email marketing campaign that compels readers to open and read your emails. Your emails should provide relevant information and nurture prospects, guiding them towards the decision to buy your product or service. To achieve this, you have to humanize and personalized your email messages to create a much more engaging experience.

The most common and easiest way to collect email addresses is by using a pop-up box. Create an attractive-looking box that is easy to locate, and most importantly, is easy to get rid of if someone doesn’t want to join or provide data.

Social Media Lead Generation for Concrete Contractors

With billions of people using social platforms globally, using social media as a digital marketing channel has become a vital part of every business’s success. With people using social media as a communication tool, this makes it very valuable for marketers to use it to generate concrete leads.

Facebook is the primary content distribution channel for marketers today, and Statista in 2019 stated that LinkedIn is the second-most popular social media platform used by B2B marketers after Facebook.

You can post your copies organically or use some money to boost reach and engagement in social media marketing. However, in social media lead generation, paying to promote your posts is necessary. The goal is to reach as many people as possible and enjoy the benefits of audience targeting and Extra CTA options on specific platforms.

Facebook platform is now geared towards conversations and interactions. To get your brand and content out there, you need to do the same. Start interactive discussions with your content and posts. Ask for input and ask questions that will strike a conversation. On Facebook, Interesting content that tells a good story works best.

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is all business. It is a great platform to get leads as people are already open to business talk, and many use it to find new tools, products, and approaches. One of the best aspects of LinkedIn is you can target your posts without paying. By clicking on ‘Post Options,’ you can send the post to people based on their location, job, industry, and other criteria.

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