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Facebook Ads for Functional Medicine Clinics

Social media has become a vital marketing tool for companies across a lot of industries. Facebook, in particular, is the most highly trafficked platform worldwide. The website has almost 2 billion active social media accounts, making it an incredible marketing tool for any business, including functional medicine practices.  

Through advertising, the social networking platform has presented functional medicine specialists the opportunity to showcase their services to prospective patients in the digital world.

Clinics can build a good brand name and create key professional networks with prospective patients and partners. But not everyone has an online presence, and these benefits may seem vague to some people.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the benefits of a marketing strategy and why functional medicine clinics should consider it as a solution. 

1. Reach a Wide Audience

As highlighted above, Facebook is the social networking platform with the most users in the world. Its acquisition of Instagram as part of the brand in 2012 further expanded its audience networks.    

For business owners to tap into this audience, they must market themselves on the website to people in need of functional treatments to know about their business.

The platform provides marketers with a lot of bang for their buck. A study found that about 75% of American consumers bought products that they discovered online. This shows the immense marketing potential the channel has for any small, medium, or big medical practice.  

2. Functional Medicine Google Ads Aren't As Detailed

The targeting services provided by Google are not as detailed as Facebook’s.  The latter has such a high amount of users that span across a variety of demographics. This functionality makes the platform very rich in user data, giving the platform an edge over the classic PPC model used by search engines.

The channel gives businesses the ability to customize their posts using this information. Advertisers can narrow down the demographic for every post depending on various user segments such as age, gender, location, and interests. 

Using these categories, a medical practice can set up campaigns for potential patients with certain health issues. They can also target people who have interacted with the brand online before. 

It should be said that a comprehensive medicine marketing strategy involves combining social media marketing (SMM) with search engine optimization (SEO) for higher rankings on Google. This way, functional medicine clinics can reach out to their target audience much more effectively.

3. Wide Variety of Ad Types

The website has about 10 post-type options that marketers can use for different target marketing funnel stages, some of which aren’t available in other paid channels. 

This way, advertisers can publish a creative and visual message using multimedia elements. Some of these post types include: 

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4. Access In-Depth Data Analytics

The Ads Manager provides businesses with robust reports and analytics regarding post-performance. Some of these reporting tools are not available on other platforms. If you’re unable to track and measure something, you can’t tell if it’s working for you or whether you need to find some solutions.

Instead of having to calculate your conversion rates and post engagement, among other metrics, your analytics tool will neatly lay them out for you to view. A functional medicine practice won’t have to make guesses on what’s working for them and what isn’t. 

Studying your post analytics will provide you with insight on which content performed the best, allowing you to make information-driven decisions for the best interests of your business. 

Generating more leads & more jobs for your functional medicine practice through strategic digital marketing!

5. The Campaigns Are Affordable

Marketing on the website is free for all businesses. There is no sign-up fee and the analytics tool is also free. All you need is a business name and email address to get started. The only charges expected involve the cost of running your ad campaigns. 

For many small and medium-sized functional medicine clinics, this should be one of the most attractive benefits of marketing on the platform. 

The cost of a campaign is determined by the budget, how many people will see your posts, and the duration the posts are meant to be sponsored. The preferred post-type options will also affect the cost. For instance, monetizing video content costs a bit more than static images.  

However, testing your adverts will cost you a certain amount of money. Adverts on the site rarely work on the first try and usually need some tweaking. 

As such, a test is one thing you’ll have to do; therefore, make sure you account for that cost when setting up your budget. But generally, you’ll spend a small amount of money to reach many people you want to target with your marketing strategy.

6. You Can Curate Your Posts According to Your Business Objectives

The platform provides various ‘advertising objectives’ tailored to suit different business priorities. This is a great feature that functional medicine clinics can take advantage of if they want different results from their online advertising investments. 

Some of the objectives available on the platform include converting leads and brand awareness. The truth is many people do not take a business seriously if it doesn’t have an online presence.

Businesses also use online campaigns to drive traffic to their websites. For instance, a post for a functional medicine practice can be customized to generate leads by redirecting potential patients to the clinic’s website.

They can then incorporate a feature on the landing page that collects user contact information such as their email or ph0ne number. For this reason, you need to consider what message you’re trying to convey to your audience.

Functional Medicine Marketing Strategy

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Online Marketing is Key for the Success of Your Functional Medicine Practice

In a way, the benefits of an online marketing strategy may seem obvious but sponsoring the posts can be complex.

If you don’t have a strong understanding of how you can leverage the platform, successfully implementing a medicine marketing strategy can be a challenging step.  Working with a marketing company experienced in SEO and SMM can help make the job a lot easier for you.

When executed in the right way, a campaign can be a highly cost-effective and audience-oriented tool. 

Consider this; functional medicine involves out-of-the-box treatment solutions, right? So, why not have a similar approach for your functional medicine practice’s digital marketing strategy. 

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