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Contractor SEO for Guaranteed Success

Thanks to technology, customers looking for general contractors no longer go to the Yellowpages. Instead, 97% of them turn to the internet in search of local services. As a contractor, it is crucial to focus on attracting this massive traffic if you want to run a successful business.

So, how can you attract the many customers looking for your services online? Well, you first need to create an online presence and enhance your visibility through contractor SEO. With the right steps and SEO strategy, you are sure to see great results wherever you work in the construction industry.

Below are tips on how to get started on contractor SEO.

Do a Competitive Digital Analysis

This step is particularly important if you want to grow your company and stay ahead of the competition. You may require data tracking software to complete this step or the help of an agency, among other SEO strategies.

The goal is to find out what else other contractors are doing that you may be missing. How can you keep your team engaged throughout the year like that contactor down the streets? Is there something you can do to keep those high paying clients coming even when the economy is not doing so well?

If you are nowhere among the top three contractors in your area, you need to identify what you are not doing right in digital marketing. Competitive digital analysis will make this easy for you. Once you know what points are missing, work to incorporate them and see their effect on your ranking.

Again, it is best to work with an SEO Company or at least someone who offer contractor SEO services. There might be nothing wrong with your SEO, or you may just need to tweak your site a little bit to improve its ranking. With good SEO services, you will spend less time guessing and more time improving your presence.

Keyword Research

When a customer is looking for a contractor, they will often type various general terms like “contractor services” or “concrete contractor”. These are some of the keywords that you should incorporate into your digital marketing strategy.

You need to perform keyword research as this will help you identify which terms will drive more customers to your website. It is also essential to check on keywords’ search volume, cost-per-click, and competition. This way, it will be easier to tell the value a particular keyword will bring to your business.

If you have no idea where to start where research is concerned, look at your audience and check where they spend their time online. Discussions on Quora, Twitter, and Reddit can be an excellent place to pick some valuable and relevant keywords. Find out what these people want to learn and offer them just that. Focus more on the long-term keywords as these deliver better results in SEO and are often less competitive.

Ensure that your SEO strategy is in line with your revenue goals. A good SEO for contractors expert can guide you on this and offer insights on the actions that produce better results. With comprehensive competitive digital analysis, it easy to monitor competition rankings and take steps that will guarantee that you stay ahead of the pack.

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Optimize your Website

A contractor website is a must-have if you want to stay competitive in the market. However, just having a website is not enough.

First, you need to make your site secure and fast. The pages should open in a few seconds, and the visitors should never have to worry about the safety of their personal information. You also need to create a mobile-friendly site.

A good website should also be structured in line with good search engine optimization practices. Use SEO to enhance search visibility online and ensure that you only add creative and valuable content for your customers.

SEO for contractors experts will also advise you to focus on local search and local SEO. Optimize your blog, general content, and entire website for local SEO with the right keywords. Also tailor contact forms, web design and navigational links for optimal customer experience. Local website SEO will make it easier for customers within the local area to find you.

A lot of work goes into optimizing a website and all content in it. You also need to regularly update the website and add any information that will make it rank better. Even though search engine optimization hard work, your marketing strategy must include SEO if you want to succeed.

Fortunately, you do not need to be an SEO expert to own an optimized, customer-friendly site. You can engage an SEO company that will ensure that all marketing strategies are adhered to. This way, you focus your efforts on meeting your customer demands as they deliver the SEO services

Generating more leads & more jobs for your general contractor business through strategic digital marketing!

Sponsor a few Ads on Facebook among other social media platforms

This should be at the top of your off-page marketing elements list. It is not enough to open a business page on Facebook. With hundreds of contractors with similar pages online, you need to do something extra to have an edge.

Fortunately, sponsoring ads on social media is not that expensive. For anything between $5-10 in a day, you can run marketing adverts on Facebook. You can always pay more for more specialized advertising once you establish the impact paid advertising has on your business.

Those photos you took at the beginning and end of each job will come in handy here. Show your construction work to potential clients online and provide proof that you have delivered as promised to other clients. You do not have to make these posts overly promotional. Just put a little effort into the spelling, grammar, and page SEO is enough for marketing.

Ensure that your business page on social media has information on how to contact you, when you receive phone calls, and the operating hours. Also, add a link to your website at the end of every marketing post so clients can easily see what other services you have to offer.

General Contractor Marketing Strategy

Brand Awareness

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Local SEO

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Lead Generation

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Measure & Improve

So, your website is now optimized, and you have incorporated all the best SEO strategies. What next?

You will not see contractor SEO results overnight. Your website will not shoot to the first page of Google immediately. A paid Ad on Facebook and other social media platforms may increase your traffic, but it will be some time before you see much results. Be patient and allow a certain timeline to pass before you can take any action.

Do an SEO outreach strategy to see how your marketing efforts are performing. Contractor SEO is sometimes based on wrong assumptions. By measuring your progress, you will know which SEO methods are working and which ones are unnecessary.

After finding the weak links, you also need to improve your efforts. If you want to meet your revenue goals, you will have to run with the efforts that work, improve those that show potential, and ditch all the strategies that are not bearing any fruits.

Search is often changing, which is one reason why it is vital for contractors to keep measuring and improving SEO strategies. You may rank high for specific keywords today, but a change in search behavior a few months down the line may push your website down the rankings. Keep checking your SEO performance so you will know when to change the keywords and tailor your site to match evolving customer behavior.

How will the Contractor SEO help your business?

The first thing that SEO for contractors will do for you is to increase your ranking. However, your business stands to benefit is many other ways. These include:

Brand Awareness

If your website keeps on popping up every time clients type specific keywords, they will be more likely to memorize your name. They will soon search directly for your contracting company, especially if they believe that you have the solutions they are looking for.

Reduced Marketing Costs

SEO doesn’t come cheap, but it has a broader reach than traditional marketing. It also comes with a longer shelf life and will not cost as much as conventional marketing services. With SEO, you may reap continuously from the efforts you invested in years ago. As long as SEO for contractors is done right, you will continue enjoying an increase in visibility, visitors, and higher revenue at the end of the day.

Competitive advantage

The amounts large contractors spend on traditional marketing is huge. Contractor SEO allows you to compete favorably with these industry giants since you do not need to pay thousands of dollars you don’t have. Just ensure that your website ranks higher than them. This is no mean feat, but it is achievable nonetheless.

Increased Revenue

For any contracting business, the bottom line is always to earn more. You want to see that your efforts are bearing fruits through increased website traffic and revenue. SEO will drive more visitors to you, and this will eventually lead to increased revenue. However, it is essential to remember that Contractor SEO doesn’t offer immediate results. Think of it as a long-term strategy that will slowly but consistently grow your contracting business.

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