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Landscaping SEO- Effective Promotional Strategy to Increase Leads and Sales

Landscaping companies are facing a real challenge in finding website visitors. New prospects run an online search and contact a landscaper found in the search results. If your company isn’t listed on the first page, you are losing clients to your competitors. Landscaping SEO is vital in converting landscaper visitors into leads to sales. Surfer can help you achieve this. How? Our team of experts has extensive experience in helping contractors, landscape architects, and designers get website traffic that will convert into buyers.

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How SEO for Landscaping from Surfer will increase leads.

If you are looking for SEO for landscaping with a proven track record helping lawn contractors establish a web presence, you are at the right spot. If your company has never implemented an SEO plan before, Surfer will help you improve your organic ranking, and get more buyers from non-paid searches. Our SEO experts will implement exhaustive research and data-driven methods to identify and implement the best-selling plan for your company. To learn more about our SEO services for lawn care, fill the contact form below or scroll down to learn more. 

Landscaping SEO- Steps to Increase Leads and Sales-In a highly competitive industry, the first step is to keep up or see your prospects choose other landscaping companies. As such, your landscaping company needs to make its way to the top of search results. At Surfer, we handle daily supervision and boost your web-based presence. This includes upgrading your web style to be visible in search engines. We will also differentiate your brand across the internet with our promotional techniques. We do this by following a customized optimization strategy that will bring results to your landscaping company. 

Local SEO-You will be the go-to lawn service provider within your area with our SEO for lawn care. Optimize your company’s Facebook page for specific SEO best practices. Backlink to build authority through discovering, managing, and monitoring specific citation. Discover and audit previous google analytics across online directories like Angie List and other industry-specific directories. Upgrade your company Google My Business page for your business. This includes business hours, phone numbers, maps listing, and service area. 

Content Writing and Creatives -Create SEO-optimized content for your web design, outline and other pages. Improve and generate content for voice search and engine assistants. Publish well-researched content that improves your keyword search results. 

Track Your SEO Campaign-Track your top competitors. Monitor your competitor focus word classification. Optimize and change your campaign for better results. Track and check word rankings, calls, organic traffic, and users.

Link building-Link your website with high-quality domains to prove your business and earn customer trust. Gain backlinks to your website to increase your internet presence. Promote your business to prospects using relevant and trusted domains. 

Competitive Digital Analysis-Carry word research and identify the most search terms in your market area and industry. Come up with usable goals and agree with SEO plans. Carry out comprehensive digital marketing analysis to see how you perform against your top competitors using effective tracking software. Outline an actionable sales plan by determining your starting point for website code and structure, content, local visibility, and off-site citations. 

Optimize Website Content and Code-Edit your website code and structure to match SEO practices. Ensure your website is fast, secure, and phone-friendly. We do conversion rate optimization on all website elements to enhance the optimal experience of your clients. Edit and enhance existing website pages for search visibility and content marketing.

Keyword Research and Strategy –Deliver data-driven strategies to optimize your website and other digital marketing assets. Use codeword research tools to increase your site visibility. Approximately 96% of consumers search for local services online. Out of this, 90% will click on the front pages of the search findings. If your website is not visible on the first page for your target SEO for lawn care, your business has failed. There are several marketing agencies but it’s hard to sieve the chaff from the wheat. You need a good marketing agency for your digital marketing.  At Surfer, we are transparent and we back our SEO plan with actual data. To rank your Website high, you need a search engine optimization plan that will bring impressive results. Consider these three important factors if you want your website to rank above other landscaping firms on the web. 

Website Responsiveness-Your website needs to be smooth and optimized on any device. It needs to be fast, mobile-friendly, and secure. Coding needs to be fast for the web directory to find, read, index, drive, and rate. Copy/Text-The content on your website should state your firm as dominant in providing landscaping services. Write the content with the company voice and tone standards. Content must be web friendly. It should be unique and provide original ideas. 

Offsite Factors-This refer to links from other authoritative sites. Backlinking will increase your presence on the internet. It will promote your lawn care services to prospects through relevant and trusted media.

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A Deeper Understanding of our SEO services

SEO Auditing and Tracking-Businesses that calculate ROI are 72% likely to have an effective marketing approach. SEO is like playing chess. To move high in pay-per-click, you must step ahead of websites that seem better than yours. Most landscaping SEO companies boast of traffic and ranking. But if you are not seeing results, these metrics are of no value. We market landscaping companies’ services as if we own them. We look at marketing before we provide you with quick resolutions about your marketing, SEO, advertising, and website. A typical audit addresses the following: Research and identifies keywords. Analyze competitors, analyze and evaluate your lawn website online presence. Analyze and SEO tools implementation. 

SEO Improvement To your Website-A well-optimized online content will rank your site high in web portals. These are the foundation improvements needed to enable your SEO for lawn care. The data used to lay the foundation is derived from the SEO audit process.

Even if you produce unique and striking content but it’s not well coded and structured, the web crawler will not see it. If coding and site structure issues are identified, we will fix before we optimize the content. Typical foundation improvements Surfer experts carry out include Web page renaming. -giving files of your website a more analytical format. Enhance the loading speed of your website. Revising and upgrade the meta tags and website titles. Record your website onto a CMS (Content Management System). Creating geographically suitable content to enhance your local SEO. Revise your website to be mobile-friendly.

 Content Creation and Marketing-Content update is essential SEO for landscapers but should be armed with the right keywords. If possible, create new website pages. Internet ranks web pages and not websites contrary to what you might think. Each page of your website enables you to rank specific keywords. Think of your website as an open-air market where you have several shops (web pages). More shops equal more customers (visits, clients, and sales). Your website content should, however, target top keywords. The content should point to your company as the authority for the landscaping services you provide. Rarely do lawn contractors create website copy. But adding a blog to your website can increase chances of rating high in search engines. Surfer SEO for landscapers has professional writers who generate original, applicable, unique, and authoritative content for landscaping companies.

Generating more leads & more jobs for your landscaping crew through strategic digital marketing!

Boost Local SEO and Offside Factors

To perfect the overall look of your website online including your business Page is the final step. Your potential prospects (homeowners and property managers) want a local contractor. When a client is running a web search for a geographically related search e.g “lawn services near me” Google and other search engines will show the map listings (local pack). You need a smooth Google My Business Page to get in the map listings. Using our SEO services, we perfect landscape layout and ensure its updated with the latest information. With link building, you need to know that not all links are created equal. Aim for connection from authoritative sites like local chambers of commerce, the BBB, or manufacturers pages. Links from these pages increase online visibility. Some buy links to manipulate the Google algorithm. This is a crime that can lead to suspension of your website from search rankings. An effective way to attract links to your website is to produce unique and authoritative content. The content should be valuable to the audience.

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Because we provide data-driven and customized SEO step guide for lawn companies. We are here to help you generate leads and revenue for your lawn care business. Working with Surfer, expect the following: 

Transparency: We present accurate information. Expect nothing less than the truth from us.

Exceptional results: We rely on data and facts to create exceptional marketing strategies.

Data-Driven Strategies: Guesstimates is not something we risk with? We are always precise and accurate. We invest in the best tools and right methods to deliver the best results.

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