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Urgent Care Marketing: Putting Your Clinic on the Map

At first glance, urgent care marketing seems unnecessary. When they’re injured or sick, people will go to you, right? 

Not if they find a different clinic first. This can easily happen even if your competitors are:

By enlisting our urgent care marketing services, we can make sure your potential patients choose your practice over another. We understand why using data is essential to put your clinic on the map and increase your volume of patients. We’ll help you to establish yourself as the first port of call for anyone needing treatment.

How Google Controls Urgent Care Marketing

The first thing someone does upon realizing they need medical aid is Google ‘urgent care near me’ or ‘urgent care (their location).

What comes up is a list of clinics recommended in terms of how Google ranks them. Factors that benefit a clinic’s ranking include:

Google didn’t come to your clinic and have a great experience. Google only understands data, and so data is how patients find you. We can help you to understand it too — and use it to your advantage. Below are some strategies we’ll use to help your patients find you.

Become Mobile-Friendly

96% of U.S. adults own a smartphone, which is the primary search tool for most users. Google considers how long patients spend on your site when it ranks you. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, patients won’t easily find what treatments you offer and click away. 

We can help you to redesign your website to become mobile-friendly and display information in a way that states your offerings clearly and quickly.

Looking for more information?

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Optimize Your Blog

Many clinics create blogs as a mandatory part of their online presence. Very few understand how to use them. Without SEO optimization and regular updates, a blog isn’t as effective as it could be.
We can optimize your blog by:

Generating more leads & more jobs for your urgent care business through strategic digital marketing!

Utilize YouTube for Urgent Care Marketing

YouTube videos are a prevalent research tool for patients. They’re often the first port of call before a patient commits to reading in-depth about a subject.

We can help create a YouTube channel for your clinic with answers to the most-searched queries. We also offer you advice on formatting and presentation. 

Using this avenue, you can funnel viewers back to your site for more information. We use the same tactics as we use with your blog: answer highly-searched, relevant questions in an accessible manner.

Location-Based Urgent Care Marketing

As mentioned earlier, many users needing medical assistance will search for a clinic in their vicinity. We can help to use your website’s landing page and blog entries to increase your relevance in those searches.

This is especially important because patients will only come to your clinic if they’re already nearby. We’ll research terms and consider every way a patient would search for an urgent care in your area. We’ll use this information to make your practice the standout clinic in your region.

Urgent Care Marketing Strategy

Brand Awareness

My business needs more personality & a stronger brand presence for my audience.

Check out our services that help achieve a strong brand presence.

Local SEO

I’m trying to increase my organic visibility in search rankings & maps. 

See our local SEO options that will help drive more new traffic & organic leads. 


Lead Generation

For over a decade we have served clients from across many verticals. 

See which niches we serve and how we can help your business.

Use Analytics

Tools such as Google Analytics are a means of tracking your urgent care marketing strategies and discovering what works best. We’re experts at interpreting analytics and using them to improve business performance.

For example, if we find that your location-based marketing is driving engagement better than your general blog, we can offer advice on how to play to your strengths and analyze your weaknesses.

Put You on the Map

We’ll always make sure that your clinic has a good presence on Google Maps. We’ll help you stay up-to-date and monitor reviews. 

We can also help you engage positively with your patients on Google since they will read through your reviews before arriving.

See How We Can Help Your Urgent Care Clinic Grow with New Patients

From the day you contact us, we aim to help your clinic grow into the most successful business in your area. We don’t just provide technical help; we offer advice on understanding your patients and how you can attract more.

Get in touch today to find out more about what we can offer your clinic and continue growing your business.

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