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Agency Reporting

With aDash (powered by 51Blocks), your metrics have never been easier to obtain and understand. We leverage Google Data Studio to build amazing reports that are pulling data and combining them into 1 location so clients can see all your marketing efforts in one spot. With our simple and cost effective reporting solution this is the reporting solution you have been looking for. When you can quickly and effectively show your clients the stats of their current marketing campaign, the performance, and current metrics at a tap, everybody wins.

Metrics Included

Types of Connections

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Unlimited number of reports. Additional Savings Available For High Volume Usage

  • First 10 data sources – included in initial basic $45 monthly fee
  • 100 data sources – $3.50 per data source 
  • 200- data sources – $2.50 per data source 
  • 400 data sources – $1.50 per data source

Add Ons

  • Keyword tracking (local, national, or GMB) – 30 keyword seats 
  • Educational Slides 
  • Sharable Task CRM Links
  • Google Docs Compatible


What is a data source? 

A data source is defined as a connection point to a platform. For example, Google Analytics is one data source you might be using to show a client’s metrics for SEO. Each report requires it’s own unique data source connections so calculations are based per report (per client). 

How many data sources do I need for a standard client report? 

You can easily calculate connections based on the services you’re providing. For example if you have a client who gets SEO, GMB (maps), and PPC, you’re going to have 3 connections. Essentially, each platform synced is a connection. 

What if I have unused data sources? 

It’s best to purchase as you scale. A standard agency with 20 clients will use an average of 100 connections (Example: SEO, GMB, FB, Keyword Tracking, & Google Ads). You can scale back as needed, however you will still need to remain within your tier for the volume discount.   


  • All client logins will be shared with one single agency email (example: [email protected]) at the time of purchase.
  • Keywords can be purchased in quantities of 30 and must be provided to our team. 
  • Multiple GMBs can be purchased as an add on – 1 per location. 

1) Just pick the services above that best fit your needs

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