Friday Afternoon Confessional - What We Look for in a SEO/PPC/Internet Marketing Resume

As a growing internet marketing company we are always increasing the number of members on our team. Like any business, there are specific talents, skills and abilities that we look for in potential candidates. Not only do we evaluate our current needs when reviewing resumes but we also think about the future of our company as we look to bring people on. In this week's Friday Confessional, John and Michael discuss what we look for in potential new hires to keep our team strong, bring diversity and create a growing culture at 51Blocks. After the video, leave your comments about your hiring process on our YouTube page!


Michael: Happy afternoon Fridays.

John: Happy Friday, everybody.

Michael: This is the confessional room.

John: It's turned into that, huh?

Michael: I'm Michael Borgelt.

John: I'm John Copeland.

Michael: Today, we are going to talk about the most important thing you can see on a resumé in regards to the internet marketing world, from our prospective.

John: Okay, so we're hiring a new member for the team, and this would be the resumé check box that you would want to see checked first.

Michael: Okay, we'll each give our own answer.

John: [inaudible 00:00:47]. I got one.

Michael: All right. I've got mine.

John: [inaudible 00:00:49]

Michael: My background, I think, easily lends to this as being a team player, right? My whole life I've been part of teams, I see the value in those teams. It makes you talk through some difficult situations. It makes you just be a part of a family, almost, a community. So when I see a resumé, I look for activities that they have been a part of, that show that they are a part of a team. It doesn't necessarily always have to be a sports team. It could be a debate, it could be other team atmosphere type of items. But that is what I'm looking for, somebody that is going to join our team and be a team player, and no matter what, push forward.

I always talk about, "Hey, everyone has got to take out the garbage. Everyone has got to make the sales phone call." Everyone does it here at this company, and that is kind of what being a team player is for me. What's yours?

John: In the industry itself, good communicator. But I've got to say, it's hard to choose between that and dynamic problem solver, because I think the two skills that we can utilize and mold the easiest are people who can communicate effectively with clients and are comfortable in that space, and people who take the challenge of solving problems as engaging and something enjoyable, not panic and, "Oh my god, I don't even know the answer."

Michael: When you're interviewing somebody, how do you try to find those two items while you're in that nervous situation? That person is nervous, they're trying...

John: Right. I'll start with a [inaudible 00:02:24]. That doesn't usually get anywhere. I think you're looking at, I want to say, ownership, accountability. You're looking for the challenges they've taken before, because that indicates problem solving tendencies, and, frankly, the interview is what I roll out for communication. If you're communicating with me in the interview in a dynamic way, I'll assume that's a skill that you're bringing to the job.

Michael: But you're not that hard to communicate with, right?

John: I do tend to try to pull the best out of people during conversations, so I might misjudge someone's communication ability in the interview. That's why I bring you to the interview.

Michael: That's true, that's true.

John: You'll tell me whether or not they can really communicate.

Michael: And I think you know we're looking for the company fit, right? They've got to have the personality that can work with all of us.

John: Yeah, I don't know what that personality is, but you have got to be able to hold your own in a room full of idea people.

Michael: Yeah, exactly.

John: And be willing to stand up and say what is not right.

Michael: Not be afraid to speak your mind. I think we really value that in our company.

John: I would say the thing that I see the least is certification from Google, BBC, Universe Workshop. Not that I don't appreciate the idea that you are trying to educate yourself inside the industry, but those token acknowledgements, frankly, we are going to train you in a way that that may be relevant or not. It does not matter to us, we are going to show you a way that works.

Michael: I think that more falls under, like a consultant. If I'm looking for a consultant, I might be looking for somebody that has that AdWords certification to do paid search for clients, if we ever went that route, or if we're a web designer, that maybe you've passed your Photoshop classes, or have a certificate of whatever that is that you can be a designer, or do those types of things and make those edits. But, for the most part, the actual hard skill set, we want to train you to do it our way, really, because a lot of the industry doesn't do SEO the right way.

John: Agreed.

Michael: It's going through our process and our stuff that we've learned that have generated success that we want to take people through.

John: Yeah, so if you're looking for a job in SEM, we encourage you to apply, we are always taking resumés, but not always expanding the team, as I guess you've probably gleaned from this conversation. It's important for us to find the right people and the right fit. If you think you're someone who might be that person, we're always willing to talk. That's it for this week.

Michael: Have a good Friday.

John: We'll be back at you some time next week.

Michael: Sure.

John: Or shortly there after. Thanks.

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