Google 2012 April Fool’s Day Gags

No one can beat Google at their goofy April Fool’s pranks. Here is a short recap of the 2012 April Fool’s gags.


Google announced the availability of Google Maps for 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment Systems (NES). Check out the video here: What a happy thought!


Then there was the Google Really Advanced Search, which can really filter those results down. How we survived this far without the really advanced search options is beyond me.


Sergey Brin also announced Google’s partnership with Nascar. In their quest to build a self-driving car, they also apparently decided to partner with Nascar to build one that is capable of speeds of 200mph or more while surrounded by other vehicles.


Glen Murphy of the Chrome design team announced (with a very straight face) the Chrome multitask mode which allows you access to two mice at the same time. Get more done faster. Here is the video:


And how about this one which told you about how you could enjoy YouTube videos in a whole new way? Google promised to deliver YouTube videos on DVDs right to your door. You also get trending videos on laser discs.


Thanks for the laugh, Google.


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