Google in 2018: What to Look Forward To

Google updates come and go, but there are a few things coming up in 2018 that we’re going to see solidify the SEO game. There’s been talk for years that Google has been “trying to do away with keyword searches,” but that’s just not the case. Here are three 2018 Google updates that will shape global and local SEO.


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Google’s Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL

While the release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, we’ve seen their pixel models sequentially launch on October 4th of 2016 and 2017, so there’s reason to believe they’re following this trend. Wondering what a smartphone has to do with SEO at all?

Google’s the top dog in the search engine race, and Pixel isn’t just a line of phones - they’re integrated with Google Assistant, which brings data collection and local SEO to a whole new level. When you type in basic results like, “Restaurant near me,” you get a generalized list of places to eat in your vicinity. When you use an AI to direct you to nearby places, they learn you and your behavior, and only suggest places that it knows you’ll like.

Sounds like it’ll make it more competitive, but in fact, it’s going to refine your niche of customers and get the right people through your doors, so long as you’re readable by Google.


Focusing on AMP Results

If you don’t know what Google AMP is, you’re not alone. It stands for accelerated mobile pages, and it could be a game changer in 2018. They began this venture in 2016, and have been steadily putting more time into it. There are over 150 million AMP documents, which are injected into organic search results. If your marketing company knows how to use them properly, you’re golden. Google doesn’t spend years on a project just to dump it, so there’s potential for AMPs to become a pillar of their search engine strategy.


SSL Can Boost Your Site

We all want to see that little green “Secure” mark on the top of our webpage, but not all websites have made the switch from HTTP to HTTPS. Google is essentially offering up a reward for this transition by boosting your site rank (yes, making it easier to find in their search results) if you have your security certificate. In the age of mass information theft and identity fraud, it’s not just good for your ranking, it’s good for your business to have an SSL.


It’s Tiring to Keep up With the Rat Race

You’ve got a business to run, and so, you’re stuck at an impasse. You need Google’s results to drive sales, but you also need to focus on your business. You can’t be in two places at once, so slap a white label on your SEO strategy with 51Blocks - we learn Google updates and trends so that you don’t have to worry about the small details.

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