Google Places Reviews & Why they are Important

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Google Places Reviews – Why They Are Important

Do you own or operate a small business? One of the most important aspects of owning or operating a business of any kind is your customer base. Simply put if you do not have any customers then you will quickly go out of business. With that one fact in mind all businesses rely heavily on advertisement of some type to spread the word about what they do, where they are and whether or not they are the right company to get the job done. Google Places, when used correctly, can help.

Thanks to advances in personal multimedia devices such as smart phones, laptops and other wireless technologies the internet has never been more popular or accessible then it is right now. No matter where a person is or what they need they can easily log onto the World Wide Web and, often in a matter of minutes, find it. From obscure information about the African tree frog for a science project to the purchase of just the right anniversary gift, the internet seems to have it all. So how do you, the small business owner, tap into this marvel of modern times to benefit your small business? One way is by using Google Places Reviews.

What is Google Places Reviews?

Although just a few short years ago when someone needed something like a plumber in Pompano Beach they would open the local phone book, today most simply log onto the internet and do a web search on plumbers in Pompano Beach. The reason for this is simple, using the internet is more fun, faster and gives much more information than a snappy slogan or pretty advertising graphic can. By using the internet people can not only find a plumber in Pompano Beach but often they can see what other customers had to say about each one listed.

Think about it for a moment. When you do a web search on for Pompano Beach plumbers what will come up is a listing of local plumbing businesses but that is not all. Next to the name, address and phone number for most you will see a number with “Google Reviews” written after it accompanied by a star rating. Which plumbing business are you most likely to click on? One with a five star rating and a number of excellent reviews, the one with nothing but terrible reviews or the plumber who has no stars or reviews? You want the best plumber so of course you will click the business with the best reviews.

How can you use Google Places Reviews for your business?

Getting your customers to log onto the internet and post reviews, good or bad, about your service is the only way to use Google Reviews so it is imperative to develop some sort of system to make this happen. Even businesses without a website, blog or other online presence can easily benefit from Google Reviews. Don’t you think you should log on now and see what your customers are saying? [/box]

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