Has Pinterest Caught Your Interest Yet?

Pinterest, the virtual pin board where you can pin interesting stuff that you find online to share with your friends, is growing in a massive way. According to Shareaholic’s referral traffic report, the referral traffic from Pinterest is more than that of LinkedIn, YouTube and Google Plus combined. This is no mean feat considering that the site was launched as a closed, invitation-only beta only in March 2011.

Should you be on Pinterest?

If you are a business owner who sells visually appealing products, then YES! Pinterest is essentially a pin board where people stick photos of things that they find interesting. If you are a bakery selling fancy cupcakes or a jewelry store with stunning necklaces, do not wait any longer to get some yummy sparkly pictures up there.

Pinterest is great for businesses who directly market to consumers. A visually appealing image can be “liked” or repinned by others who find it interesting. This ensures excellent publicity and generates referral traffic. Pinterest is also linked to Twitter and Feacebook, so you don’t have to Pin, Tweet and Share the image separately, you can do it all at once.

How to make use of Pinterest

If you don’t have snazzy pictures of your products already, go get them. Businesses other than B2C can indirectly promote themselves through smiling pictures of happy employees, infographics, funny cartoons etc.

You now have one more reason to start using images on your website and constantly update them. Give visitors a reason to pin that image.

When you pin a photo, describe it well. A picture may speak a thousand words, but it cannot speak to a search engine, at least not yet. Use descriptions with relevant keywords.

The traditional rules of social media are relevant here as well. Pin high quality, phenomenally useful content. Pin regularly and do not spam.




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