SEO for HVAC Companies

HVAC companies are among the most needed and popular existing small businesses today. They do, however, require exceptional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to remain relevant and grow. Due to the competitive nature of the HVAC industry, your HVAC company needs HVAC marketing strategies to outperform and out-strategize the competition.

Your HVAC company needs to maximize its digital marketing approach to direct and increase website traffic, brand awareness, form submissions, phone calls, and leads. An HVAC SEO campaign is a critical component of digital marketing.

What is SEO for HVAC Companies?

HVAC SEO does not work differently from other SEO functions. SEO is the process by which improvements are made to enable your website to be more visible on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This will lead to an increase in its traffic, leads, and sales. The SEO for HVAC companies focuses on different offsite and onsite recommendations to improve the HVAC contractor’s business rank against their competitors on SERP.

The main challenge for most HVAC companies is attracting new customers. In past years, HVAC companies relied on print advertising, billboards, or even word of mouth to create awareness of their services. Nowadays, people turn to search engines for guidance and information on where to find HVAC services. Online directories and Google are now the yellow pages—right at your doorstep. SEO helps your business stand out from your competition.

According to statistics, more than 90 percent of people searching for HVAC services in their location are turning to the internet to source local services. Of these searchers, 60 percent click on the first three search results. Therefore, your HVAC Contractor business must have high online visibility and Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ratings to succeed.

SEO for HVAC Company

Your HVAC contractor business needs to at least rank in the top three results for keywords and phrases such as “air conditioning services near me’ or “furnace installation services near me” to acquire higher quality business opportunities and leads than your competitors in the HVAC industry. Without SEO, an HVAC company will miss the numerous benefits of digital online marketing.

Our specialists at 51 Blocks will work with your digital marketing team to optimize your digital presence such that you increase your booked jobs and leads. Excellent SEO may take effort and time, but it will help minimize the challenges of ranking higher than your competitors. Building it requires a combination 0f guest blogging, link building, content marketing strategy, HVAC marketing strategy, social marketing strategy, and more.

If you want homeowners to find your company easily and book online for your services, trust 51 Blocks Company to make this possible. The following are areas in your SEO strategy that, when executed well, can enable your HVAC company to outrank your competitors, improve your keyword Google ranking, and generate more leads and website traffic from your local market. These SEO strategy areas for SEO success are:

Building Your EAT

EAT in full is Expertise, Authority, and Trust and relates to the way customers view your company. Ask yourself whether the customers trust you or think your HVAC company is the best option for the job. It is especially critical in the HVAC industry for customers to trust your way before you enter their residence to fix their Air-conditioning unit or furnace.

Google usually takes the EAT of a company into account to provide the best results for online users. Improving your HVAC company’s EAT aids in promoting your credibility as a trusted HVAC contractor that customers can choose.

To appear on page one of a Google search, you must improve your HVAC contractor business’s EAT. Given this, it is critical to use SEO to build your HVAC contractor company’s EAT. Begin with the right content, then copy it to your website, ensuring that the videos, photos, and posts on your social media, web pages, and websites are reliable and authentic. Consistency in all of your messages is critical. Quality and consistency are the most effective ways to increase your HVAC company’s EAT.

Local SEO Strategies

Local SEO for HVAC companies connects your HVAC contractor company to local homeowners in need of heating and cooling services. Four of every five internet users use search engines to find local businesses. As a result, your HVAC contractor company’s website must be optimized for local search, or you will miss out on 90% of potential clients.

Our HVAC SEO specialists at 51 Blocks Company include the following extensive local SEO plans for your HVAC company’s SEO strategy;

  • Optimizing the Google My Business page for your HVAC contractor business which includes regular check-ins on your; map listing, business hours, business service area, address, phone number, questions, answers, and reviews- throughout the month.

  • Locating and auditing existing business citations on online directories like Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, Angie’s List, and more.

  • Finding new opportunities to form more business citations and backlink opportunities, monitor local directories, and manage verified citations; to build authority for your HVAC company.

At 51 Blocks, we will create links to increase your Google ranking and online reach.

What do SEO Services Include?

Digital Competitive Analysis

A digital competitive analysis enables you to know the position of your HVAC contractor business against your top three competitors in your area of service. Our digital competitive analysis in 51 Blocks Company includes:

  • Looking into HVAC SEO Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) such as your HVAC contractor business on Google page one.

  • Recommend custom HVAC contractors’ SEO for generating more website traffic and keyword ranking and how to fill your sales funnel top with serviceable high-quality leads.

  • A detailed analysis of SWOT- Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of your HVAC website; from a digital marketing standpoint.

Website and its Content Optimization

Most homeowners use hundreds of variations of search keywords to find local HVAC contractors on the internet. Since Google only ranks web pages and not websites, you need several unique, impressive, optimized SEO website content.

51 Blocks Company will:

  • As part of our SEO for HVAC contractors’ content marketing service, we will publish SEO-optimized website assets such as blog posts, infographics, and custom imagery.

  • Optimize your website and content for smart home assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Echo- and voice search.

  • Update your website with new locally targeted content each month- that provides a flawless user experience and improves your company’s keyword rankings in local search.

Website Loading Speed

If your website takes more than three seconds to load, you lose out on more leads, traffic, and sales. Google and the other search engines need your website to load as swiftly as possible. Our HVAC SEO specialists at 51 Blocks Company will work on your website’s speed to optimize it to load more swiftly on computers and mobile devices. We will do this by:

  • Editing your company’s website code filters out elements and scripts that may slow down the website’s loading speed.

  • Optimizing large images and visual elements could hamper your website’s loading speed.

  • Leveraging your website’s server caching and hosting environment to boost your website’s speed.

Tracking, Analytics, and Reporting

You can only win the SEO game if you know your score. As an HVAC SEO service industry leader, 51 Blocks Company performs routine testing, tracking, and tweaking your company’s SEO campaign for better monthly performance. Our services also include:

  • Providing SEO reports that are easy to understand and detail your HVAC SEO strategy results.

  • Installing customized call tracking and advanced google analytics to track your website’s customer activity and lead flow. 

  • Linking the performance of your HVAC SEO campaigns to your bottom line for accountability about your company’s Return on Investment (R.O.I.).

HVAC Keywords

Understanding internet users’ keywords when searching for HVAC services online is critical for your HVAC contractor business. These keywords, which can range from as simple as ‘HVAC’ to key phrases like ‘HVAC service company near me,’ help you appear organically in online searches.

Keywords include:

  • General Keywords

This is a list of keywords that are relevant to the services you provide. HVAC, air conditioning repair, HVAC contractors, furnace installation, furnace repair, air conditioning repair, and furnace installation are a few examples. Although these keywords appear competitive at first glance, it is important to note that Google understands the local intent of such keywords because they can access the searcher’s location.

  • The Geo-modified or Local Keywords

These are like general keywords, but they include a geo-modifier that can be the local suburb or local city in whose market your HVAC business is competing. Examples of these keywords are such as; ‘(city) furnace repair,’ ‘AC repair (city), ‘HVAC contractors (city),’ and so on. Chances are, if you rank for general terms locally, you will also rank for geo-modified searches.

  • Longtail Keywords

Because of the geo-local strategy, these keywords create an outstanding that can educate potential customers about your company. Conduct keyword research during the research phase early in the purchasing decision-making process. At this stage, getting ahead of potential clients helps increase their trust and brand awareness of your HVAC contractor business during the client’s purchasing journey.

‘Which is the best Air conditioner for my Bungalow house?’, ‘When do I need to clean my chimney?’, ‘Does my furnace require frequent servicing?’ and so on are examples of these keywords.

Ready to Get Started?

An SEO campaign can either make or break your brand and, if incorrectly pursued, can lead to your business being penalized by Google. Though it is possible to do one’s SEO with research and a lot of practice, getting an experienced, professional SEO expert to do the job for the success of your HVAC Company’s SEO is highly recommended.

51 Blocks is a Google premier partner HVAC SEO Company offering HVAC SEO services in Portland and Denver, CO. Our team of highly-skilled, experienced professional SEO specialists and Google ads beta programs can help develop your HVAC marketing strategy and HVAC company’s SEO strategies.

For more information on SEO for HVAC companies, call 51 Blocks Company on the phone number 303-900-9119 or email us at [email protected].