How Can Your Website’s Design Impact Conversion Rates?

Why Is Website Design So Important?

Imagine walking through a retail store in search of something specific, and you are unable to find the one item you need because there are no signs, information, or easy-to-navigate pathways. Your confusion in the store will likely lead you to find the exit, drive to the next nearest store, and purchase your item from that location. 

Picture next a major road that has been closed for construction but there are no detour signs or workers to ask for directions. In this situation, you might end up lost or feeling like you’ve wasted your time driving around aimlessly rather than arriving at your intended destination. You will likely get very upset, and that feeling may stay with you for the rest of the day. A simple signpost or direction could have saved you time, trouble, and negative emotions. 

In both of these scenarios, you would end up lost, confused, and frustrated because a very simple task was made exponentially more difficult due to poor design and planning. When potential customers find your website looking for information on your products or services, you would never want them to feel the way you might have felt in the above situations--lost or confused--while attempting to navigate your site. If after a few minutes looking around they cannot find the information they need, it is likely that they will exit your site and not think twice. No conversion means no sale. You may have the best product or service on the market or in your area, but a poor website design could have major negative effects on your conversion rate.

At 51Blocks, we understand how important it is for customers to be positively impacted by website design and how that affects the conversion rate. When we create a website for your business, we keep the aesthetic of the site in mind but also user experience when they first land on your homepage. Not only does the site need to be eye-catching and memorable but it also needs to be easy to navigate and user-friendly. 

What Is Website UX?

Website UX, or user experience, is how your website affects your potential customers while they are looking through your site. No one likes to feel lost or confused, and at 51Blocks we keep that in mind when building your site. We are able to create appealing websites which have been optimized through our expert SEO techniques but are also conscious of user experience and conversion rate optimization (CRO). We understand what users want and are looking for, and we always keep search visibility, ease of use, and conversion optimization at the forefront of our minds during the building process.

At 51Blocks we know that you don’t want your potential customer to arrive at your website and see just another lame product or service site that blends in with all the others they have visited. You want to wow them! We also don’t want them to be confused when they actually try to click the buttons on your site or interact with items such as videos. Your site should be user-friendly regardless of the computer skill level of the user. 

Because we are experts in SEO internet marketing as well as website design, we can deliver a site that is easy to navigate, fun to explore, and leads to the conversions you are hoping for. With 51Blocks, you don’t need to worry about website UX because we are all over it. You simply tell us what kind of aesthetic you are looking for that suits your company, and we will do the rest. Is your favorite color purple? We can make a beautiful site that incorporates a purple color scheme. Are your products more suited to children rather than adults? We will emphasize that quality. Whatever your style, we can work with it. All you need to do is provide the product or service!

How Does Website Speed Affect Conversions?

When you are sitting at home on the couch wanting to watch your favorite television show or a new movie on a streaming service, it is unlikely that you will want to wait very long for the service to load and buffer the media. Your internet speed affects the rate that your service can play a video. The same is true for websites. Visitors to your website will not want to wait for your site to load just to see what products or services you offer. And Google cares about speed as well! 

One of the many ranking factors in Google’s algorithm is site speed. Speed affects all the metrics that we as experts in SEO and you as our client are concerned with, including sessions, bounce rate, rankings, page views, and conversions. No one (customer and Google alike) has the patience for a slow-loading website, and even the slightest delay could make potential customers run for the hills and find another business whose site delivers as efficiently as possible. If you’re considering whether or not site speed is really that big of a deal, put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers. Would you want to wait (what feels like) eons for a page to load or do you want the information you need now? Obviously, you want it as soon as possible. Don’t make your customers wait. Let 51Blocks optimize your website!

As your website builder and host, we are always conscious of your Google Page Speed results and keep that in mind during the optimization process. Our SEO experts will ensure that your site’s speed is taken into account during the site’s conversion optimization so that visitors to your website will easily navigate their way to your sales page. But CRO can’t get underway unless your site speed is at its best, so when we design your WordPress site we integrate a super streamlined theme and the most beneficial plugins.

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization and Why Does It Matter?

Conversion optimization is a system for increasing the number of visitors to your website who then convert to customers, or take any desired action on the webpage. Our CRO techniques encourage customers to fill out the email form or call you through strategically placed conversion points. And don’t worry. Our strategy isn’t to bombard your customers or annoy them as a pop-up ad would. Through our optimization, your customers’ natural progression through a webpage will lead them to the call to action you want them to take. 

At 51Blocks, we understand that every page of your website has the potential for conversion optimization. From the homepage to your blog, potential customers should always be able to find a place to contact you, find out more information, or convert into a lead. We know that simply informative webpages can be useful, but without that call to action, a visitor will exit without converting. Our experts will design your website so that your visitors get the right information which leads them to contact you or buy your product. Low bounce rates and high conversions make the effort of excellent website design worth it.

When you look at your Google Analytics report, high traffic numbers look great, but you definitely want those traffic numbers to transform into high conversion numbers and lower bounce rates. With 51Blocks in charge of your conversion optimization, your website will have an excellent user experience and turn traffic into leads. As a business owner, you know that you could have the best product or service available, but without paying customers it truly doesn't matter. The same is true for your website. Even if you have the most refined, beautiful website on the Internet, without solid CRO techniques leading to calls and inquiries from clients, it is all for naught. To be successful online, you need a fast, user-friendly website that attracts and converts visitors into customers.

Is This Something I Can Do Myself?

In short, yes. But why would you? Sure, you could take the time away from your business to learn how to code or to find, understand, and use all of the features in WordPress (including sifting through thousands of themes and plugins offered by WordPress and third-party applications) to create your own stunning website. Hopefully, you will also have experience in exceptional SEO and CRO techniques which will drive traffic to your site and convert them into customers. There is also website maintenance and updates to think about on top of the design itself. If this does not seem like a daunting task, then you can optimize your site on your own. 

If, however, reading this paragraph is exhausting enough (let alone doing all of the things listed), don’t worry! At 51Blocks, we are the SEO and website design experts. We can create a website that gets you noticed, drives the right kind of traffic your way, and helps you convert visitors to customers. Our job lets you focus on the job you love rather than the tedious website work which will take you away from your real passion.

Our passion at 51Blocks is your success! When we can build a website for you that meets your needs, looks great, and increases your business, we are excited. We understand the importance of all of the user engagement metrics that Google uses to determine ranking as well as the critical nature of conversion. Our team has the experience and expertise to put your mind at ease when it comes to your website’s design, SEO, CRO, and user experience. We create sites that are bound for online success. Contact 51Blocks today to learn more about our website options and to start increasing your sales.

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