How Google Plus for Business Can Help Your Rankings

Google local business listings are an important part of the process for getting your business recognized both locally and on the web for relevant search queries

Now that Google+ has become been established as a social media platform there are more advantages in creating and maintaining a Google local business listings page. By connecting your business to Google+ you will be able to interact with your customers more easily and get more notice in Google Maps.

Optimized Business Photos

With mobile device searches growing in popularity, there are advantages to having more intriguing content to attract users. The business listing you create in Google+ will give you the option to add up to 10 of the photos that best represent your business.

From an aesthetic perspective, people are drawn to listings that are well maintained. Having good quality photos that showcase your business is a good step in attracting more customers.

Easier Interaction With Users

If a user is logged into Google they can leave a review of you business at the touch of a button. There is opportunity to provide instantaneous feedback, which gives small business owners an opportunity to encourage their customers to do so.

When your business listing has more reviews and there is an effort on the part of the business to interact with customers, new users are more likely to consider the business trustworthy.

Google Listing Optimization

By creating Google local business listings you will be able to optimize them with the proper information for your business. That means making sure your listing shows up for search queries that are relevant.

Once your business gets more recognition through Google Maps your website will also benefit from higher rankings. The website you associate with your Google Listing will gain authority with more customer interaction through local search.

At 51 Blocks we offer a comprehensive local listing evaluation so you can determine the status of your Google business page. We can also provide local search optimization to make sure your listing gets found on Google Maps for relevant search queries.

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