How important is it to get your Google Places business info to 100%

As more and more businesses are claiming their listings on Google Places for better search visibility and local marketing, a common question seems to be whether the percentage of ‘completeness’ of the profile has any bearing on the ranking or on how the listing is displayed.

The percentage that you can see in your Google dashboard tells you whether you have all the required information to make the profile complete. The required fields include name, address, phone number, photos, videos and other additional information that makes it easy for Google to categorize your listing and display it appropriately.

According to Google Support, “whether or not you have 100% does not determine whether your listing will display on Maps nor will it effect your ranking.” Even if you have less than 100% completeness score, it does not violate the quality guidelines for Google Places, so your listing will still be displayed on Google.

Mike Blumenthal had earlier written an interesting article about how to make a listing 100% complete. A guide that was tabulated by Webmaster-Zentrale in Germany shows one possible way of achieving 100% complete listing. Basic information (required fields, email, website, description, category, hours, payment methods, photos and videos) still have the maximum impact in getting the score closer towards 100%. Mike points out a strange behaviour in the scoring pattern – when the first video is added, the percentage score actually drops by 4%. But considering that the score itself has no bearing on your ranking or listing, this remains just an interesting aberration for the time being, nothing to panic about.

The more information you provide, the easier it is for Google to categorize your listing and display it in appropriate search results. It wouldn’t hurt to have 10 photos instead of 2, videos, coupon details and other useful information. And it will definitely help with conversions.




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